I had a blip.  Yesterday, as one who lives in Seattle does - I watched the NFC Championship game.  I had a plan, as has worked my past several weekends.  On Friday, I even busted my ass getting up and doing 5 flights of stairs every hour because I knew I had lunch/after dinner plans that both were a threat to my diet *and* exercise.  I would be at a pizza restaurant for lunch and having apps and wine at a get together AND wouldn't be able to get my walks in to hit 10k steps every day.  Hit my 10k before I got off work and planned my meal and moderate wine consumption.  Success!

Saturday came and went with no issues, it was a night in and a day with my personal trainer.  Boom.

Disclaimer: Apologies in advance to Packers fans.  Being a California native, I was born into a Raider loving family and I'm not a fair weather fan, thus remain a Raider fan...so who's crying now?

Sunday...?  I had a blip.  Sure, I walked to the uphill bus stop (16 flights of stairs)...and chose to walk up from Downtown rather than transfer on another bus (an additional 17 flights of stairs - damn those Seattle hills).  That was on the way there.  My plan was to get the rest after the game. HAH.

That was before Seattle played the worst football they've played since early season for the entire game (minus that last 4 minutes and then some).  Sure, Raiders first and always - but unless they're playing the Raiders...I'm definitely rooting for my 10 year home, Seattle.  What I'm saying is I drank.  I drank until I was tipsy and making poor decisions about drinking more and having cheezits with no abandon. 

Long story short...cut to: me coming home after a day of drinking/snacking/celebrating around midnight.  Whoops.  But guess what?  I woke up not feeling bad about it at all.  That may or may not be because I hopped on the scale...who knows.  Because after my 35 flight of stairs Friday and 33 on Saturday, 2 out of 3 days staying within my calories - I was down weight, and not just a small amount.  I was down 2.5 pounds because every other day since I started, I've been committed to this weight loss.  This is it, no exceptions. 

So I had a blip - I had a phenomenal start to my (always challenging) weekend.  I couldn't care less.  I believe we should all be able to celebrate if our city's football team makes it the Superbowl.  We should all get to treat ourselves on our birthdays.  We should all be able to go out for a nice dinner and eat CARBS.  We should all be able to skip a day (or two!) of a work out routine.  We all can have blips - it's how many and how you rebound that counts.

Today I went back to getting my 10k steps in no matter what.  I had almost exactly 1200 calories planned out and consumed.  I'm not even going to the gym because I have to put together a dresser and wanted to have all night to do it instead of fit the gym in.  I'm going back the day after that because I'm committed to losing weight - not because I feel guilty about cheat day.  No regrets people - because you can't change it, you can only move on from it.