Diane R.

I've struggled with weight since graduating high school. 10 years ago I worked off 50 lbs and have slowly gained them back. I'm here to get back to my old weight...and then some.

Quick Facts

Favorite Health Food: Avocado, zoodles

Favorite Sinful Food: Brie Cheese, beer

My Approach to Weight Loss: Lifestyle change

My Weight Loss Program: I don't follow a program

My Diet Plan: I don't follow a plan

Fitness/Exercise Apps: Zombies, Run! 5k Training

Fitness Devices: FitBit

DietBet Winnings: $579.28

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-0.4% Since last weigh-in-0.6 lbs
-0.4% 1-Month Change-0.6 lbs
-25.6% Lifetime Change-53.2 lbs

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Lessons from the journey
by - 03/07/2015 1:14PM

We're well into the 3rd round of my transformer and I'm still at it.  Even though I already hit my R... Read More ›

by - 01/19/2015 6:57PM

I had a blip.  Yesterday, as one who lives in Seattle does - I watched the NFC Championship game.  I... Read More ›


I have a very hard time getting more than 5000 steps a day! The 2 days I did get over 10K, I felt like that was all I was doing ... walking!! inside my house no less!! I admire your ability. Do you have any advice for me?

Diane R.

Louise, I somehow missed this post! On days that I am afraid I won't hit my goal, I'll look at my steps and walk in place until I hit the next hundred marker. Or I get up every hour and do a lap around the office, my house or wherever I am. But set a goal that is realistic to yourself!! First - start February telling yourself that you want to hit 5k steps every day. Then work up slowly if that approach is working. Overshooting a goal isn't setting you up for success.
Busy weekend full of temptations and still losing
by - 01/12/2015 2:08PM

After  this weekend I feel like losing 10% of my body weight is doable.  It just takes a little stra... Read More ›

Week one, demolished – Motivated to continue the trend
by - 01/09/2015 11:33AM

I’ve hit 10,000k steps every day of the year (and then some, 20k one day and 16k another!).  This wa... Read More ›

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Definitely. One of the reasons I've started the DB10 is I kept going WILD after my DB4s were over!
And off we go...
by - 12/31/2014 6:42AM

I just took what is hopefully the most unflattering picture I will ever take (am I right?!).  Let's ... Read More ›

by - 12/29/2014 9:40PM

I lost 50 lbs with the least amount of effort possible...10 years ago.  Today, I've gained every one... Read More ›

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Diane - I hear what you are putting down! My motto is that I cannot spend another year fat. At 5 feet tall, turning 42, I found myself basically 40-50 pounds over weight in July. My weight has always fluctuated a lot. I diet, I lose, I gain back, sometimes gain more, then lose again, it's irritating. Why can't I get this under control? It's one of a few things that I feel are holding me back from the life I should be living. When I'm overweight I don't feel attractive, I don't want to date, I feel like no one would want to date me and then I stay home and eat more...it's a cycle. I don't even have any good excuses for the weight gain, I'm not a tired mom, I'm not in a relationship, I have free time. It's just me being lazy, over eating, not exercising. I want to get this under control and stop the yo-yo. I just keep thinking it would be nice to not have to worry about my weight for once! And that's what I plan to do, get to my goal weight and stay there so I can focus on other things.