My 6 month game just finished. I didn't make my goal. That wasn't a surprise. I hadn't made my goal for most of the rounds but I am ok with that. My primary reason for participating in DB is not to get the money back, it's to have motivation, accountability and structure while losing weight.

I started a new 6 month game yesterday. The main reason I didn't make my goals for the last 6 month game can be summed up in the word inconsistency. I would try to eat right but would frequently eat more than I should and then the last week or two of each round try to make up for it and of course that never worked.

This time I want to focus on consistency.

I will consistently exercise 6 days a week.

I will consistently eat three 1500 calorie days, three 1200 calorie days and one free day each week. I know free days don't work for everyone but they work for me.

I will consistently stop eating when I'm full. I tend to eat when it is offered to me even when I'm not hungry. I want to stop doing that.

I will consistently get 7 to 8 hours of sleep a night.

This is the plan and the goal. If I don't make a Diet Bet goal a certain month I will not let it get me off track as long as I was consistent.