Keep Going Strong in the New Year!

HOLY FIT!!! Join me on a crusade to battle unholy fat by getting HOLY FIT in the New Year. Fatman won't stand a chance as the pounds are blasted away in my New Year's Diet Bet which begins on Jan. 6. I'll be posting fat blasters and zappers every day to help keep you on track. Sign-ups are currently underway.

HOLY FIT!! - Bat vs. Fat - Thinners R WINNERS!

Begins Jan. 6

As a Master Diet Bet coach, participants in the 15 games I've hosted have shed over 8000 lbs. I've gone from a size 18/20 to a 5/6 with the help of Diet Bet and won over $3000. You'll feel proud this summer when you step into your swimsuit and your friends and family exclaim HOLY FIT!!!