So I have been battling my weight since I was a teenager and have tried all the crazy diets out, and yo yo ed up and down.  I even developed the condition of Bulimia for many years, my hair began to fall out and was ill all the time.  I came through that and out the other side flying I can do this! For the first time Im becomeing healthy the right way, eating well and exercising.  no fad diets, no silly shakes or pills, just good wholesome nutritious food, lots of water and working out.

Im 39 turning 40 and its essential that I get healthy and to a good weight fast.  I am a freediver and adore the ocean but never feel that i look like all those tanned blonde surfer types that I envy so much.


This year will be my year I will shed the pounds and become that ocean girl I've always wanted to be.  I will be go from a blob in a black wetsuit to a tanned beauty in a white one and I will rock it!