I’ve hit 10,000k steps every day of the year (and then some, 20k one day and 16k another!).  This was my official resolution that I told my friends about.  As I stated before, I’m not saying anything about being on diet bet because I’ve talked about losing weight before – and have failed.  So, enough with the SAYING I’m going to lose weight – I’m GOING to lose weight and tell them about diet bet once they take notice.  I want to be a success story!


Food has been really easy (I’m sorry to those who don’t feel this way – maybe read my plan and it will inspire you!).  I’ve stuck with mainly veggies/eggs/lean proteins/organic dairy for the bulk of it.  Lots of egg white (1 yolk) and broccoli omelets, chicken salad lunches and chicken or pork and salad/steamed veggies for dinner.  I plan ahead and track EVERYTHING.  In the morning, I make the omelet.  The night before I make a lean meat for dinner and I grill up a second helping, let it cool, chop it up and put it in the fridge for my work lunch!  So when I’m prepping dinner – I’m also prepping lunch for work.  In the morning I log everything I plan on eating so there is no room for mindless snacking.  I also keep a few extra low fat soups on hand in case I don’t have time to prep lunch the night before.


WAY less beer and wine and more walking have got me down from 207 to 203 in a week.  And that isn’t even with working out.  I avoided the resolution crowds at the gym for the first few days of the year and I see my trainer on Monday to get me back sweating!  That should help continue my momentum.


I know we are a couple of days in to week two, but I’m trying my best to document what I hope to be a successful weight loss journey.  I’ve got about 60-ish pounds until I’m in the healthy BMI range and I won’t get there by June 30th, so I’m committing to do a second transformer once this is over.  When looking at member’s profiles, it seems as though winners of a diet bet who don’t immediately go on another one, tend to gain weight and then start another diet bet having gained a significant portion back.  I don’t want that to be my trend.


I know it’s early, but I’m seriously ready to kill this 10% and then some!