Yesterday was a pretty good day. Did my hour walk, didn't eat or drink anything outside of my plan. Can't for the life of me find the first book in my new book series, so I ended up watching TV all day more or less. TV makes me stupid(er).

Today I braved the bad weather, and went for a 10k walk, and an hour of swimming on top, so I felt pleased enough to get some mexican food. I love me some soft shell tacos. And guac. Seriously, guac must be good. Avocado is a good for me, garlic is good, lime is good, salsa is good, so..?

I weighed in for my second bet here as well. In a few days I have lost exactly 1kg. I don't know how that happened, my diet/excercise has not been at the level I am aiming for, so it must be either waterweight, or just the random time I stepped onto the scale.
I don't remember if I had any specific 'input/output' i the hour or so before weighing myself either time.
Or it may even have to do with my womanly cycle. I dunno, it's just weird to me.