The push is on to the goal line and I am finding my usual resistance of self not wanting to succeed.  What makes that happen?  The belief I am a failure?  Old tapes playing in my head of other goals not completed?  The negative things people have told me, maybe from birth on of that sense of failing?  Of their own beliefs projected on me?

I don't need the "Wall of Protection" anymore.  I am healed of that.  Weight be is time for you to go so that I can experience pride in myself for a goal completed, feelings of being more alive, thoughts of being in more control of my destiny and goals, of being more loved and respected for who and what I am.  You were once my friend and I appreciate you and what you did for me in protecting me and shielding me from others who don't want to be around "fat" people, who are shallow in their own views--but now I am seeing that you are stifling me and holding me back--not because of you, but because of what you were for me.

Time to break through the barrier to achieve what I am here to do and to be the example to others of yet one more facet of being an overcomer...Namaste.