It's All in Perspective...

We can sometimes get so out of balance as we concentrate on one thing, we forget all else in our lives.  In the past, I would "diet" with my whole life revolving around food primarily and exercise as something to fit in since my job is moderately physical as I spend 8 hours a day on my feet.

Last year, I spent much of the time declining into an end result of hip surgery, putting me out of commission for much of anything physical other than my job.  I ballooned up to the highest weight I've ever been in my life.  Let me say I have rarely been my "right weight," according to those Metropolitan Life charts that would have me looking anorexic (since I've been there a time or two and everyone else said so).  

I had maintained a status quo for over 30 years of the same over-weightedness (love to make my own dictionary!), give or take 5 pounds or so.  I could lose weight but once in maintenence could not maintain and would return, luckily, to the weight I'd come from.  I actually got to that weight, I firmly believe, by yo-yo dieting since High School when I thought I was fat at 150.  Now I have a BMI of 35, which I saw once as now somewhat normal for people of my age--70 just a few days ago, and now on the other side of that hip surgery some 6 months, feeling like I got a new lease on life.

In the meantime, a dear female friend wanted to do a spiritual exercise with me that, in part, had a component of Deepak Chopra at one point in his life hoping he was good enough, thinking he was good enough, and--finally--knowing he was good enough.  He now says, "I AM enough."  

So the perspective?  A friend of mine almost didn't friend me because he thought I would not be able to do the activities he enjoys, which are new to me, of gold panning and being out climbing hills and riverbanks as he seeks his treasure.  He is of average build, having been a runner in High School and active in this life style  and hobbies ever since.  As many of you know, those of us larger than life become sensitized to even a hint anywhere near our weight and lifestyle habits--me included.  

When I told him I had joined Diet Bet, what did he do?  Decide it was time to lose weight and get in shape, being the good Leo he is (competitive).  That smacked of "never being good enough" in my mind with my physique.   Interestingly, he has lost 14 pounds from his highest and is so proud of himself.  I let that bother me until I realized that I, too, have lost 14 pounds from my highest--achieved during recovery and beyond!!!

As two of the competition weigh-in dates approached (1 month and a Transformer) , I wanted to weigh less than the entry weight as I have continually battled water weight gain throughout this process.  I know it is water weight because if I do diuresing types of foods (cucumber and pineapple smoothies)  I shed anywhere from 5-7 # within a day or two.  (CAUTION:  If you try this, DO NOT decrease your water intake.  The water you are shedding is being stored between the cells.)

This past week my birthday was celebrated in style with many dinners out with friends and family who are celebrating my life and honoring me.  What a beautiful experience for someone who usually has low self-esteem...though I have to say that has rapidly changed during the recovery process as others' love for me has poured out in numerous ways.  I am truly blessed.  

I managed to make my personal goal of weighing in at less--not enough to win Diet Bet, but that's OK.  Slow improvement works, too.  The male friends' comment this AM was more about the food eaten rather than the celebrations of my birthday...It's all in perspective.  I AM enough.