When I met my husband, I was 120 pounds and a size 5.  What happened? Life.  Kids.  Change in eating pattern.  Change in movement.  Before him, I would ride my bike each day for miles.  Or walk to the grocery store.  I'm not blaming him, but life happened.  When I had my 4th daughter - at age 28 - I was still only 150 pounds and a size 11.  That's not big for a 5'6" woman.  

Then the health issues - female and breaking my ankles.  That slowed me down even more.  Then losing my husband (to a massive heart attack) 4-1/2 years ago.  I stopped caring.

By the time I had my hysterectomy I was 225.  Still not horrible, but not good.  But now .... well I can't even say.  It's too much to share.  I hate it!  Yes, my hysterectomy and screwed up lack of hormomes are the cause.  But I'M the reason it's still here!!!!!

So ... here goes.  I'm starting the mornings by walking, and ending the evening on my bike.  I NEED TO TAKE RESPONSBILITY FOR THIS WEIGHT that now exceeds 300.  My goal - 299 by the final weigh in.  I know I can do it!!!!!!!!!!!!