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Kristy H.

02/06/2015 2:23PM
I got a message that you removed me from the game citing "dramatic ups and downs"? I weighed in at 155 on 2/1 for a game, then on 2/4 for another game at 154.5, and a third game on 2/5 at 154.5. What up or down is there? If you're talking about the difference between the first game I won (at 151.5) and the three games I just joined, it's because I switched from weighing first thing in the morning because no one is up to take my picture. I will happily send a new weigh in showing both morning and afternoon weights so you can see I am consistent with the difference. Did you remove me by accident? Please respond, as I really want to work on this 4-week goal.

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Kristy - thanks for the explanation! I don't know if you can re-join the game or not, but if you do, I'm happy to have you. In the future I'll ask more questions before making assumptions.

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