Okay - earlier I had mentioned to my Transformer group that I am going on a cruise. Well, I need to pack a formal dress or gown for formal family dinner night. I have a bunch of these types of dresses, as my husband and I have at least 3 formal functions a year to attend. Now, I know how much weight I have lost (20 pounds on the scale - but was recently told by my doctor that it is more likely a loss of 30 fat pounds but a gain of 10+ muscle pounds) but I have been in an annoying plateau for the last few weeks. (Until this past week - yay!)

But, anyways, I was trying on dresses for the trip and lo and behold - some of them are just too darn big!!!

I have posted to the left a comparison. (I apologize for not adding a better picture in the body of this text but for some reason, I can't get my photos to upload using the insert photo button!)

The photo on the left is from a gala that I attended in Nov 2013 (I was still at that same weight when I started DB in Oct 2014) and the one on the right is from this morning. (I am super bloated right now - to the tune of 5 pounds, yikes!)

What you can't see from the photo is that if I hook a finger into the bustline of the dress, I can pull it away from me about 3 inches and that the built in bra clips on the lowest sizing still cause the dress to slide down my torso.

So, if anyone is also stuck at this moment with the scale being uncooperative and deserving of being tossed out your window - know that non-scale victories are just as important! Look inside yourself to find the courage and determination to keep on doing what you know works for you or to look for something that perhaps may work better - and look around yourself to see all of the successes you've had thus far on your journey and KNOW that you have made the right decision to live a happier, healthier life and be the best you that you can be!