Usually I start a new round of dietbetting and weight loss with resolutions and a plan. Same for this time, except my plan is rather odd: get my gall bladder removed!

I've been having attacks since last April, but since I really don't like doctors all that much, it took a really bad attack and my friend's prodding to get me to a doctor in September. A few more months, and some medications tried, and it was time for an ultrasound that confirmed I am the not-too-excited owner of a 1-inch gallstone that's been causing all the problems. So out it comes, along with the gall bladder itself, tomorrow. 

I'm actually looking forward to relief from the attacks and feeling crappy a lot of the time: losing sleep when I have an attack and losing sleep worrying if I will have one, along with a not too happy digestive system. And who knows, maybe this will jumpstart my weight loss with a few pounds. I can't eat anything day of surgery and probably won't feel like it afterwards rest of day. 

Either way, once it's over, I'll start back walking and then within a week I should be able to get back to running and really focus on my weight loss efforts. I stalled out last year big-time and I don't want to do that this year. 2015 is MY year.