So that's good news. I did absolutely nothing on Saturday of note other than stick to weight watchers stuff, and it was glorious.

Still feel a few twinges today, but overall feeling pretty good. Feeling great, actually. I didn't go to the gym but I busied myself with laundry (which is four flights down in the basement of my apartment building) taking the stairs every other trip. I also vacuumed and mopped, did a bit of purging by walking through the studio apartment with a bag and putting things in I didn't want or need anymore. I put that downstairs in a free for all basket.

It wasn't until about 2 o'clock that I realized just how MUCH I'd done. Like, lots of energy. More so than usual. I looked at myself in the mirror and thought, "Hey. You look nice today." No, there's not a radical weight loss. I doubt that I'm going to make the almost ten pounds required to win the game. Suddenly that's not important to me. Today I felt GOOD. I looked GOOD. I felt toned and sporty and healthy, and that was the whole point of joining DietBet.

If I don't win the game, I'll still have lost a few pounds and gained confidence.