I am starting my first dietbet challenge.  The weigh in has already taken place.  I am sitting at a hefty 201 lbs.  Yowzer!  I had previously made it down to 179 and it is apparent I let myself go.  However, I am determined. If I could lose it once I can lose it again.

The highlight of my day was getting my husband to join. :D  It is easier when two people are on the same journey.  They can encourage and motivate eachother.

I already have my lunch packed and ready to go tomorrow.  Here's what's on my lunch-to-go menu:


3 oz Pepper Turkey Breast

1 poblano pepper (I am using this in place of bread to wrap around my chicken)

1 Laughing Cow Wedge

2 tbsp hummus

3 oz baby carrots

1/2 bell pepper sliced


Total Calories: 238


In my quest to get serious, I also bought the Fitbit Aria scale.  I now have it synced to MyFitnessPal.  I want to start recording what I am eating again.  This will keep me honest and it is another accountability tool.

If you are reading this and trying to lose weight I wish you the best.  May we both win!