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Thank you, StepBet!
by - 10/02/2016 11:59AM

I never would have gone out to Astoria Park today if I didn't need to get my steps in for this first... Read More ›

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Keep going


it's great ! Keep walking !
Things I’ve Gained While Losing on 5:2
by - 03/08/2015 8:08AM

Cravings – I didn’t realize how driven by cravings I’ve been my entire adult life.  After a week of ... Read More ›

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I am SO EXCITED about this! I read most of the book you recommended last night. After reading your blog, too, I know this is something I can do. Whether I can lose weight doing it is still to be seen. I am the poster child for *last supper syndrome*. Mine have been known to last for months! So to be rid of that burden would thrill me. I'm ahead on my dietbets, so I can take the chance and try it out without worrying that I'll gain weight. It seems too good to be true and ... why haven't I heard of this before! LOL Thanks again!
by - 02/22/2015 8:41AM

__________________________ I think that body fat is like a pearl.  We encase assaults in it to softe... Read More ›

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It maybe "randomness" as you say, but though provoking for sure. Thanks for sharing.
Just Watched "Sick, Fat, and Nearly Dead 2"
by - 02/21/2015 1:07PM

I'm not a proponent of juicing (I prefer the fiber and extra nutrients of smoothies) but this movie ... Read More ›

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That movie blew my socks off too. Phil's story underlines how broken many of us are. Losing weight is just part of the solution. When I see trainers on The Biggest Loser trying to dig into contestants' psyche to fix some of what got them so fat, I'm pulling for them. "Spill your guts! Start the healing process! Scream, cry, let it out!" This is what I want for those of us who use food to cover wounds.

Julie C.

Ooooh- something to do tomorrow during snowmageddon! (IF our internet is still working.... we have a dish and snow messes with it.)
Philosophy of Life #1
by - 02/17/2015 1:47PM

“My dear, find what you love and let it kill you. Let it drain you of your all. Let it cling onto yo... Read More ›

Here is Where I Get Political
by - 02/16/2015 12:21PM

I am deeply angry, yet I understand.  The way that the food distribution system has evolved in the U... Read More ›

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Voting with the dollar tends to get the job done even more so that the ballots... in other words, buy organic, buy local, plant your own garden, and stay away from corporate monsters. Some people tell me no not possible too expensive, well if your nourishing your body, you do not require as much crap in your mouth. In our household at least (and that is a household of 2 adults and 4 kids) since changing all those old bad habits we saw the grocery bill at first go up, then even out, and now is a bit smaller, The results we are trimmer, more energetic, and happier. Thanks for sharing.


Powerful blog! I agree with you that America is getting tired of being controlled by Big Business, Big Pharma, Big Government...keep on growing the grass roots movement!
Something that Sucks
by - 02/08/2015 10:22AM

Today's choice: I choose to be happy that I have knowledge and can act on that knowledge to improve ... Read More ›

Cheryl M.

Wow, hope you get this problem mastered soon. It must be annoying and frustrating. I admire your determination.

Diane F.

I have never heard of this but I personally know allergies suck. I wonder if there is something stronger your doctor can give you. The good news is your throat is not swelling up.
Name Change to CrazyCatChick
by - 02/07/2015 1:08PM

In the service of full disclosure, I'm changing my displayed name from Alice D. to CrazyCatChick.  B... Read More ›


And a fine choice of name it is, too.
The Power of Pretend
by - 02/07/2015 1:00PM

I’m a bit ashamed to admit it, but I was on a Tony Robbins YouTube binge not too long ago (my job is... Read More ›


I'll pretend to agree with you, ha. It's an intriguing idea, along the lines of "Fake it til you make it." On EWL, Chris Powell has talked about clients being Athletes in Training. I think these are all similar notions. You may not be something you desire at this moment, but what if you were a _____ in Training? I choose to be a Healthy Person in Training!