Maybe I'm getting old (OK, I am...) but this post-surgery thing really threw me for a loop. After the operation, I was nauseous in the hospital bed, until I suddenly wasn't, and then went home that night. Felt OK the next day but it was mostly the painkillers at work, in retrospect. Had a friend stop by for a short visit, and then later that day, someone else stopped by and stayed way too long (tip: 90 minutes is not a short visit for a post-surgical person, believe me!) and wore me out. 

Woke up Saturday, took 2 tablets and threw up, so I guess that was my body saying it didn't want any more of those painkillers! The nausea was back with a vengeance, so I eventually settled on water and saltines as the perfect food for the day. Boring, but safe. Today (Sunday), I've been a little more adventurous, but not much, because my body is still adjusting to the whole "no gall bladder" thing. 

I managed a 20 minute walk today, and will try that again tomorrow. I'm staying home from work mostly because there are no trousers I could put on that would not irritate the heck out of my poor belly button that got reopened and is now sporting 5 stitches and a bruise the size of Kansas. I do look like I've been on the wrong end of a bar fight, but thankfully, the bruising is all belly and I'm not showing THAT off to anyone. 

So on with the recovery, the rehab (learning to listen to my body's reaction to food with no gall bladder involved), and the dietbet. I'm in two monthly games that just started last week, so I really want to win them both!