2/8 Exercises:  


Walked 3.10 miles with Fitbit for the Eat Drink & Be Skinny 100 Mile Month Challenge 30 Day Challenge Series​.  


30 Prisoner Box Squats for the 28 Day Beginner Squat Challenge from Fitbit Friends Group.  


10 Squats (in addition to previously mentioned squats), 10 Pointed Butt Lifts each leg, 10 Fire Hydrants each leg, & 6 Heel Kicks each leg for the Blogilates​ 30 Day Butt Lift Challenge.  


2 sets of 10 side planks on each side, 2 sets of 10 Russian twists, & 2 sets of 15 bicycle crunches - to each side of course for The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans​ 28 Day Lose the Love Handles Challenge.  


I did not do Yoga which I have been doing 5-6 days a week and I feel like I am cheating myself, but I didn't feel very well tonight.  I also have not been getting much sleep and instead of winding myself up with my Yoga video from the 21 Days of Commit to You guide from My Yoga Online​, I decided to rest and try to get to sleep earlier than I have been.  


I was also going to do another POP Pilates video today from Blogilates, but again, I did my challenges for the day and need to rest instead.  


I haven't used my AeroPilates or my Sit 'N Cycle for a couple weeks now either and need to get back to those sometime this week too.  I was going to post a blog from Dietbet showing my weekly totals of exercises from Feb 1-7 since I started some new challenges this month, but I will hopefully get to that later because for now I think I need sleep more than anything.