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Favorite Health Food: A good hearty salad

Favorite Sinful Food: Chocolate

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Treadmill, Elliptical, Weights

My Approach to Weight Loss: Move, and eat less & better food

My Weight Loss Program: I don't follow a program

My Diet Plan: I don't follow a plan

Fitness/Exercise Apps: MyFitnessPal

Fitness Devices: Nike Fuelband

DietBet Winnings: $59.54

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My mini-wheat breakfast habit
by - 02/18/2015 8:10PM

I'm boring.  Yup.  I admit it.  About 95% of my breakfasts look the same.  Mini-wheats and milk.  Oh... Read More ›

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Barry J.

As long as the weight still comes off enjoy


If you keep a careful eye on the carb and sugar grams you should be fine! I gave up my kashi go lean in November. Now I have a 26g serving each morning with a Greek yoghurt. I try very hard to stick to 100g or less of carbs per day which is supposedly the sweet spot for losing weight.
Thanksgiving in February
by - 02/17/2015 6:47PM

I am a Canadian now living in the USA.  Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving about 3 weeks earlier than ... Read More ›

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why not EVERY day? there are really so many things to be thankful for and the first and foremost is your health... its the biggest blessing of all. I read a post today that put it all in perspective - Dieting isn't hard. Losing weight isn't hard. Heart problems and diabetes are hard... I started a new dietbet yesterday and signed up for another that starts in a couple of days. I really think I will try to stagger them to have one going every couple of weeks - that way there won't be the flurry of activity at the end - it will be a constant! LOL... I was glad to meet you and other new friends also going along this journey - I hope we can keep in touch and continue to support each other. Support and a little friendly competition along with a challenge goes a long long way....
End of my first dietbet and the results are...
by - 02/17/2015 9:01AM

I won! I am thrilled to say that I was successful on my first dietbet. I lost 10 pounds. It was very... Read More ›

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Way to go!!!

Roderick Dyke

Weigh-to-Go, Nathan!
Retrospective - Self reflection
by - 02/15/2015 4:47PM

At my work, part of my job in IT involves being a SCRUM practitioner.  Don't worry, I'm going to try... Read More ›

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Awesome post!


I think I will moving forward ... I bought a day planner fitness edition where I can plan my week and see how well I stick to it. I'm planning exercise contingent on whatever else I have going on. 5hrs in a week seemed to burn me out so I'm aiming for a realistic 4 this week.
Heart issues in family & my new strategy
by - 02/10/2015 5:16PM

In my blog, I wrote about getting my physical the other day.  It went well overall...I don't have an... Read More ›

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I think being proactive now is the perfect start - try the Lipitor for a year or so. When you get to your goal weight and maintain that for a while - have it checked again and see about the possibilities of getting off of it for say 6 months and have it checked again... I am 56 and don't have to take anything - good thing, I can't even remember a vitamin most days! Ha but that may be a good way to approach it. But the great news is you are doing a ton of damage control on the front end for your wife and daughter and yourself! Good job Nathan

Megan V.

You could always get a second opinion if you are unsure! But no matter what it's great you are being proactive and asking questions of your doctor about what you can do to help yourself and lower your risk.
The ski trip
by - 02/09/2015 5:19PM

Yesterday, I took my 5 year old downhill skiing.  It was about the 3rd or 4th time to the hill this ... Read More ›

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Really really cool post!!! I think the most amazing thing will be one day her Dad taught her to ski when she was 5. That's one thing I admire about great Dads, they are so patient and really stick with it. My kids probably wouldn't have learned half the things they know if it were only me in the picture :) :) Many good things are going for you.

GeminiWitch83 Amanda

That is so awesome!!! Im glad you both enjoyed it!
Handling the bumps in the road
by - 02/08/2015 7:03AM

I was feeling a little down yesterday and this morning again.  I'm not sure why.  I actually googled... Read More ›

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Don't feel discouraged, your progress is not only measurable by the scale, it's measurable by you not turning to food in the midst of a stressful event, your mindfulness and diligence with logging your food and being consistent. Just like one bad grade in your MBA won't make you fail the whole degree, one less than perfect read out from the scale isn't a reason to quit now. Have a fun day with your little girl!


You are doing great and have a great attitude. It's rubbing off on me! (I've had a hard time getting myself back on track.) Keep up the great work!
Losing weight is like paying off debt
by - 02/07/2015 2:45PM

Many years ago, I went through a brutal divorce.  It was unnecessarily harsh, and absurdly expensive... Read More ›

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Great analogy and so true!


Really like your attitude. Thank you for a good point of view..
Home Depot Day
by - 02/07/2015 6:34AM

Hey all...  So, today is the first Saturday of the month.  In this house, that almost always include... Read More ›


We used to take our daughter to the home depot kids crafts too. She made CD boxes, bird houses, race cars, etc - Lots of fun! I don't remember the pins, but that may be a new thing. I'm sure a lot of sales are made that day too of while we're here, let me pick up ______... but its all good - nothing like doing something for the community. Speaking of - we also spend a weekend or two a year doing a little community service - helping at a race or festival - picking up trash at the fall fest, those are always fun and a good way to get out, get some exercise and give back to your community. Even little ones can and should do something - our daughter has always enjoyed it. They also require several hours of community service at the high school as a condition for graduation. (yay!!)Great news on being on track - I'm right there too and looking forward to probably starting another bet towards the end of the week - a little overlap... Good luck everyone and have a great weekend!
My Physical Yesterday
by - 02/06/2015 5:30AM

Doctor's first comment:  "I'm glad you are here.  Did your wife set this up?" Me:  "Yup." 'Nuff said... Read More ›

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Great advice! For women, annual testing don't only show cancer but other infections too like STDs and HPV, all very treatable... And you would be surprised how many women think it can never happen to them. We have seen it so often as I work in the life science sector of the medical device industry. We all hate physicals but it's imperative the older we get that we take advantage of diagnostic pioneering especially since most plans cover preventive care. It can be embarrassing to go to the doctor but such a weight off when you know you're ok!


I went for my physical last September and honestly, I CAN'T WAIT to go back - my doc and I are on the same page as far as losing slow and steady and more importantly maintaining that healthy weight. My BP is normally a little low - yay - thanks Dad, for that! And my cholesterol was teetering on the high end of normal - I'm looking for it to be on the low low low end by the time I go back. And yeah - from us girls... pleeeeaaasse no whining about the "check up" I've often wondered why they went that direction to check my tonsils but yeah... stop! LOL - all joking aside - good advice - see your doc early and often. And if you don't like your doc - personality clash, whatever - find one you do like and one that will support you!
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