Exercises 2/8 & a Note on How I am Feeling


02/09/2015 10:18AM
Oh my gosh, are your legs killing you from all the squats, or is this something you do normally? either way, great job!

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GeminiWitch83 Amanda

Surprisingly no. The squat challenge was the one I thought sounded the most brutal when I first saw it when I was collecting February challenges at the end of January. I had not done many squats until I started these challenges. However, it is the easiest of my challenges I am doing this month. The Lose the Love Handles Challenge exercises are the ones that are the toughest. I guess my Yoga practice has been strengthening my legs a lot more than I had realized. My legs burn during a lot of my Yoga videos from Gaiam TV - My Yoga Online. However, the squats are not really as bad as they sound.

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