I'm a mom. Of four kids.

And I work. Full-time. 

For those of you who need translating, that means I have no time.... well, no time for much else. Between the commute  and kid stuff, I'm pretty well booked. Add in workouts, and I'm close to debiting time out of my sleep account. 

I've taken a step back to see what I can remove/simplify. And guess what? There isn't much to remove. I got a bit spoiled over Christmas break having all that time to just focus on myself, and I was very successful at the weight loss. Now, I'm learning to do it in real life. 

For now, that means I need to honor myself by:

  • Leaving work on time daily.
  • Eating my 5 meals. 
  • Contenting myself with less cardio than I would like. 
  • Walking outside over lunch daily so I can be out in the SUNSHINE!

I can't fit it all in... but I can choose to fit the best in.