Since I started hosting games last year, players have bet more than a half million dollars in my games - wow! 5,866 players have lost a combined 43,174 pounds - an average of over 7 pounds per player! It is amazing to see so many succeed and the transformations of some of my players!

Most of the games I host are $100 bets. I've found success rates for the high bet games are substantially higher than lower bets. I had one game where 81% met their goal! With more money on the line, the players have more motivation to eat healthy and exercise frequently to make their goal.

Many of my players play in several games at a time - since you can play in up to three of the 28 day challenges simultaneously, you can lose the weight once and get paid three times! You can also play in three of the six month challenges too!

It's been a great ride during this first half million and am excited to see that continue to grow! I hope to see you in a future game - my next game is BET BIG TO WIN BIG - 2/21-3/20!


About DownsizingAaron

Aaron is a DietBet Master Coach and plays in others' games as well as hosts his own.

To date, over 5,800 players in his games have lost a combined 43,000+ pounds with over 67% meeting their goal, one of the highest on DietBet! You can find his list of current and upcoming games at:

He also runs a Facebook group, Dietbetter Together. Check it out!