I've been in 8 bets so far in the last 6 months. My lifestyle has really had some changes... Looking at my profile on here I was reading my "why I'm losing weight" quote.

I started this to get me towel to wrap around me again. To drop from a size 20 to a 16.

I reached my goals. I'm in a 14 and my towel fits again.

So why am I here? Why do I continue to do these bets?

I love the community on DB. The optimism of others is amazing! But why am I losing weight?

I figured it out, I deserve to. Because all of us deserve to. We are worth so much.

We all deserve to be healthy. Not skinny, HEALTHY! 

So yeah, I get up every morning and workout, and I hate it. But the pride I feel in myself when the workout is complete is incomparable. I don't eat as much "junk" food as I use to, and surprisingly I don't miss it. 

To everyone that reads this, and, just everyone on a weight loss journey,

Go you! You deserve to do this for yourself. This isn't for anyone else but you. We're all here to help and motivate each other to achieve whatever our goals may be.

Whether you lose 0.1 pounds or 500. You are amazing, and you are totally worthy of feeling proud of your accomplishments. 

So good for you! Good for us!