Today I would like to start off on something other than my exercises, but I did do my challenges and steps today too.  My mom and I went to a fundraiser BINGO at our local elementary school this evening.  It was a lot of fun to be out and about for once.  I don't usually go out much, and it has been so cold lately, I haven't felt like going out.  That paired with the snow we've had (nothing like Massachusetts or anything, but a good bit for us too) and the way I have been feeling kind of ill - well I just haven't felt up for much of anything lately.  However getting out and conversing with people and doing something different was nice.  


I finished 2 round weigh outs for transformer games and 2 4 week end of game weigh outs this past week, and I made my weights on all of them!  YAY!!!  I have been closer this time than just about any other round though, so after winning those, I felt the urge to binge a little on some junk yesterday and today.  Let me tell you what, I surely wasn't missing anything.  I have not had a total binge like this since I started Dietbet at the end of November, and now I know why.  I feel awful, and with my TOM starting this week too, I am bloated like a puffer fish.  I feel miserable.  I have been eating very well and tracking calories and managing a deficit and really enjoying my food through this whole experience.  I have had treats now and then, don't get me wrong, I didn't go all crazy and cut out all of my favorite treats, or completely cut out sugars or carbs or anything like that - I think those kinds of diets are unsustainable.  I don't want to be on a "diet" I want a healthy pattern that allows for treats in moderation and control the way I have been going.  I have no idea what has made me decide to eat like a junk food crazed teenager the past 2 days, but this has to stop.  I feel miserable.  No wonder I always felt like crap when I ate like this before.  


I have a weigh-in for a new game that just opened for a game that starts on March 10.  I was planning to weigh in tomorrow when I wake up.  However, I feel like right now I have probably gained like 4 pounds back from what my last weigh-out was, and I don't want it to look like I am padding my weight to make my goal higher than it should be.  I may have to actually wait until Monday or Tuesday to get it to level off some before I weigh in.  I don't want to start a new game re-losing the same weight  I just lost because of a 2 day binge.  I will not be binging like that again.  That was just stupid.  I am paying the price now feeling like I am going to vomit.


Anyway, to keep track of the exercises.  I usually use Saturday as my day to get 10k steps instead of my normal step goal.  I use the pact app and I have my gym goal as 1 day a week to shoot for 10k steps.  I do the veggie goal too and I started with 3 veggies and then increased it to 7, and that is pretty easy too, so I increased it to 9 for next week.  I eat way more fruits and veggies than that, but don't always remember to take pics of them.  I will keep slowly increasing it over time though probably.  


Once we got back from BINGO, I was almost afraid I was too tired to even finish my 6,500 steps and 3 miles for the day.  However, once I started walking, I started feeling a little better, so I continued for 10k for my Pact for the week.  I finished with 11,021 steps and 5.03 miles.  


Then, when I was about to go do my challenge exercises, my mom decided to turn on a movie, so I ended up watching the movie with her too.  It was a really stupid move called Mom's Night Out.  It was so stupid and crazy that it ended up being funny and after so long it was so incredulous that I just had to finish watching it to see how it played out.  It was one of those where you don't have to think and can just relax and watch and laugh.


When that was over, then I went to do my challenge exercises.  On Day 7 for the Eat Drink and Be Skinny ( Planks and Push Ups Challenge, it was a Rest, Test, or Repeat Day.  I chose to rest on that one for today because by this time it was already super late.  


Day 7 on the Blogilates ( Butt Lift Calendar was 10 Squats, 10 Pointed Butt Lifts each side, 10 Fire Hydrants each side, and 5 Heel Kicks each side.


Day 7 on the Blogilates ( Flat Abs Challenge was 10 Roll Ups, 10 Ankle Reaches, 10 Double Leg Lifts, & 5 Reverse Crunches.


After that I while I was down on the mat, I looked over the Blogilates ( Thigh Slimming Challenge to see what exercises were to be done on the floor and did those first - 5 Side Leg Lifts each side.  


I checked the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans ( Lose the Love Handles Challenge to start on the floor exercises from it while I was still down on the mat too.  First on it was 10 Side Planks each side (knees for me).  


AND THEN I SAW IT! I am not afraid of spiders one bit... don't get me wrong here, but I saw a little spider hanging down right in front of my face after I finished my Side Planks when I was setting up for my Russian Twists.  I watched him/her hang there and try to climb back up his/her little thread or whatever he/she uses to come down from the ceiling.  


I repositioned and finished my 10 Russian Twists, and then he/she fell right down onto the center of my mat.  


I am not scared of spiders, I don't mind them, they don't bother me one bit.  I just let them mind their own business and I mind my own business.  I spoke to it, and told it I would leave it alone and would come back later.  You see this one was really tiny.  I was afraid if I tried to pick it up to move it that I would accidentally squish it.  I am sure it was just looking for water or something (because right now I do my exercises in the upstiars bathroom that we use more as a huge walk in closet and storage/exercise space.  I think of spiders as good luck in a way.  I think they keep a lot of negative energy out of the home.  I think they keep a lot of other bug problems out of the home too.  I have read articles that house spiders are conditioned to live indoors and would not be able to live outdoors either.  I know lots of people who think I am crazy, but I don't care.  I don't really have an issue with any creatures or critters, least of all spiders.  I just told this one that I would go take a break and would come back and finish my exercises when he/she was gone.


I went back downstairs and got another drink and took a breather for a few minutes.  Then, when I came back up to finish my exercises the spider was not on my mat anymore, and I finished my exercises by finishing the 15 bicycle crunches off the Lose the Love Handles Challenge.  Then I went back to the Thigh Slimming Challenge and finished the standing exercises from it - 10 Plie Squats, 10 Leg Swings each side, and 10 Side Lunges.  I am feeling the Side Lunges working my thighs even more every time I do them.  I can't believe I never thought of doing these before.  My thighs are my biggest problem area - always have been and probably always will be.  I guess that's why I am not a fitness instructor and I keep finding new ones to read pointers and watch videos from - so I can learn new things.  I am really glad I found this challenge this month.  I think it is the one I may end up having the most benefit from.


After that, I brushed my teeth and took my medicine, refilled my Brita filtered water bottle and came to bed to type this post.  


I know I love Yoga and my AeroPilates Reformer.  I know I love Blogilates now that I found it last month.  I really can't wait to start doing more exercises again because I feel like I am limiting my potential for changes in my body by only doing these challenges lately.  However, with my TOM, I know I will mostly likely just continue to focus on my walking and challenges until next weekend.  I am fine with that for now I suppose because I know for the most part I am usually bloated and miserable and exhausted during TOM.  I only had 3 hours and 22 minutes of sleep according to my fitbit for Saturday too.  I need rest more than anything even though that is all I feel like I have been accomplishing lately.


I hope everyone else is having a great weekend!


Bright Blessings!!