Saturday - BINGO - Bingeing - Exercise - & Spider

Dominik S

03/08/2015 5:25PM
Nice thing with the spider. About the binging: Be strong! You will get this straight. I believe in you. :)

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GeminiWitch83 Amanda

Thanks. I think the issue was that I was really hungry before we left to go to Bingo and didn't have time to fix anything to eat... Then there were absolutely 0 options there that were anything in any way remotely good for me there. Once I started off eating junk, I was not getting full at all, so I just kept eating more and more junk. The cycle completely perpetuates itself. I woke up feeling miserable and bloated again today. I have gained 3 pounds from my lowest weight earlier last week. I have a new game weigh-in that I could weigh in for today, but I refuse to weigh-in 3 pounds higher than my lowest weight less than a week ago. I hope I can get it back under control here in the next day or two.

Games played


Weight lost

-48.4 lbs



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