So, I love Jillian.....just like all of you. I broke my ankle early December 2014 and continued my upward spiral of weight gain. Until 10 years ago, I ran marathons, lifted weights, and did yoga. Illness diverted my health goals and I just gave up....started eating unhealthy, unfulfilling food. In one month 3 different doctors told me I had to lose weight for my health. I'd been living in stretchy clothes, avoiding weighing myself, and having nightly french fries.

I bought Jillian's beginner DVD as soon as I got my right broken ankle's black boot off. Thank-you Jillian for the modifications! Yesterday, purchased Jillian's newest DVD on Amazon Prime and did lower body. Loved it! When I was in shape, I often did a similar weekly rotation focusing on lower body, upper body, then core. Although I'm very inactive on Twitter, I decided to follow Jillian today and saw the post about DietBet.

People offer me seats on public transport and go out of their way to help me, then make a comment, "You've certainly got the glow! When are you due?" I've stopped correcting out of embarrassment. I don't want to be "the girl with the pretty face," or the perpetually pregnant girl with a big back side. It's been a vicious cycle.

Will continue tomorrow!