In case you're too young, the above reference is to Lucille Ball from the "I Love Lucy Show"- known for the dingy/funny situations she got herself in. Her darling Cuban husband would shout ", Hey Lucy," at some point in every television episode when discovering Lucy in some crazy situation. Well, today, I'm Lucy.

Carefully, I put my scale in the car today on the way to hair appointment. Gone are the days when there was no grey in my dark brown hair. Hugo, who colors my hair, agreed to take my before pictures. Don't ask me why- hey, it's my first time doing this- but I had him take my full body picture from the side. Argh! It gets better. The pictures were taken on my iPad and instead of sending them to my personal e-mail, I sent them to the Holiday Inn National Registration e-mail where I'd recently made reservations for a family member. Can you imagine what the employee who gets that e-mail will think?

On top of it, when I finally loaded them correctly, DietBet had to reject because they were from the side.

This Irish girl shall not buy a lotto ticket today :) Hey- are you sure that's me? I honestly thought I looked much smaller from the side. Does Hugo still have Christmas lights up on St. Patrick's Day? I used to be thin, but I can see why people keep thinking I'm pregnant. Stretchy clothes and avoiding full body pictures have been a wonderful way to deny weight gain.

Time for me to face the facts. Yikes! That's me this morning (unfortunately, from the side.)  Now, I'll have to do tonight and will be heavier (sad.) The Holiday Inn might become concerned if they got another set of photos on March 18th. I'm posting this publicly to force me out of denial.