Path to Health - Day 2: Slow-Carb for Frugality, Fun, and Fitness


03/21/2015 6:56AM
As a person who has literally tried everything including gastric bypass, I think finding what works for YOU is key. There is no right way unless it works for YOU. Gastric bypass is a tool just like any other weight loss method. It only works if you work it. Not eating fruit, some "diet experts" would shake their heads. But how about the idea that I have fructose intolerances and when I usually eat fruit I bloat up and feel uncomfortable. Whole30 is working for me, right now.

George G.

I agree entirely. I don't claim to have all the answers for everyone, nor do I claim that the answers I present will be applicable for everyone. The great thing about a diverse market of information is that we have the luxury of seeking out what will work best for us. The folly comes when we fail to recognize how different people need different solutions to the same or similar problems. If the information I present here helps out at least some of the readers, then I consider myself successful in writing and sharing it.

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