This is a new adventure for me. I hope that having a monetary reward will help me stay motivated to reach my weight loss goals. 

Since August, 2013, I have gained 30 pounds and I was already 30 pounds overweight at that time. So now I have 60 pounds to lose!! I never thought I would be this heavy and there is a big part of me that has given up and just wants to accept that this is the new me. However, there is a little tiny voice saying, "No, you can get rid of this weight and do all the things you used to love doing". So here I am, trying something new.

Another new thing I am trying is the Gabriel Method. This method uses visualization and hypnosis along with healthy eating habits and exercise to help you reach your goal weight. I have already noticed that my eating habits have been changing (for the better) without a whole lot of effort.

Of course I want to lose weight, but more importantly I want to create habits that will stay with me so this is not just another yo-yo diet.

My biggest challenge has always been healthy eating. Exercise came easily to me and I was a total gym rat, personal trainer, Zumba instructor and participated in many outdoor activities. With a career change and (dare I say it?) age, I no longer seem to have the energy or interest in doing those things that kept my weight in check for all these years.

So now I have a double and exercise! I have signed up for a 25 mile bike ride for April. Before my weight gain, 25 miles was just a easy after-work ride. Now I am dreading it. The most I have ridden in the last 6 months is 15 miles and that about killed me. I plan to make time to do some training for this ride. Fortunately it is a "fun ride" so we will be taking our time and there are plenty of rest areas.

My goal used to be to ride a century (100 miles) and I have done 65 and 75 mile rides. Now I am worrying about doing 25 miles. I'll get back to doing my long distance rides and it will be so much easier when I am 50 pounds lighter.

Some tools I will be using are fitness programs from Beachbody like 21 Day Fix and PiYo. I like working out at home and these programs are awesome (and only 30 minutes). 

I drink Shakeology (also from Beachbody) everyday because it's an easy breakfast that fills me up and I like getting all my nutrition in a shake.

I use essential oils for emotional support and energy, as well as helping sore muscles after exercise.

So with all these tools in my pocket, this group for support and money on the line, how can I lose?