Exercise: Horseback riding, yoga, and rest. Was totally feeling overwhelmed from work and wiped out so I took the weekend to rest. Plus it was super windy and rainy (down pouring) which continued into Monday. I did the elliptical at the gym on Monday along with yoga so back in the routine.

Craving: Memphis dry rub ribs

Eating:  Lemon orzo chicken soup and a dinner roll

Song of the day: Angels and a Dream by Depswa

Good thing of the day: Had a super fun weekend hanging out with friends and riding out on the windy roads. There were some parties but I didn’t eat as much as I normally would have and I took my time drinking.

Annoying thing of the day: When the wind blows the rain into the hood of your jacket right into your face and no matter how you tighten your hood you still get soaked.

Weigh in day: 160.0lbs not as much as I would have liked to lose this week but it is still going down so I am not all too upset by it. I think I will be more motivated to do some extra runs/ walk around work/ take the stairs this week.