Well, I am now at the final weigh in for one of my dietbets...and, once again, I made a few epic miscalculations that will result in some interesting food and activity choices for me today and tomorrow. 

Yesterday, I ran a 5km. I did it in very heavy wind, and it is included a lot of hills. My calves and thighs were on fire. They sitll are today. And leg muscle work outs always huge water retention for me for at least 24 hours (http://www.livestrong.com/article/393797-water-retention-after-resistance-training/)...

So, of course, I'm now 0.6 lbs over my goal weight, even though I have been a full pound under for a week. I'm not overly concerned about it. I'm pretty good at dropping the few extra ounces using very strict diet and low intensity, high calorie burning activity like inclined walking to get my final results in. Worst case, a quick soak in magnesium salts usually does the trick for 2 or 3 ounces. 

But, for once, I wish I could just coast through the end of a diet bet. It seems that I always get a little bump up in the last few days that I have to work really hard to work off...it might just be how my body cycles, or a reaction to stress, or just my body giving me an extra kick of motivation. Either way, it would nice to not have to think so hard during the last day of the challenge. 

Oh well, wish me luck for the next 40 hours...hopefully all won't be lost because of a tiny little amount of water weight.