Years ago I quit smoking after seeing a hypnotist. It was all it promised to be: I left the session and never had the desire to smoke again. That was twenty years ago. Recently I decided to seek out hypnosis support for weight loss.

I didn’t have to look far to find it. A year ago I bought and downloaded a set of recordings to help me overcome some psychological barriers I had around finishing work-related projects. At the same time I was reading self-help books on procrastination and perfectionism, and I found that in just a couple of months I had become much more productive. Did the hypnosis “work”? Not as dramatically as it did when I quit smoking, but I am convinced it helped support my efforts.

I went to the same company and downloaded a set of recordings for weight loss– “Motivation to Exercise,” “Diet Motivation,” “Think Yourself Thin,” “Stop Comfort Eating,” etc. In addition to listening to these recordings, I am tracking my caloric intake and reading DietBet blogs and online articles about fitness and healthy living. Is the hypnosis “working”? Again, it is definitely not the complete and sudden no-thought-required experience I had quitting smoking, but I am pretty sure it’s helping. The biggest change is my motivation to exercise. Now, I roll out of bed and head out for a run or HIIT workout without a thought. Replacing wine and chocolate “treats” with something more positive, however, is an ongoing struggle :)

Have you tried hypnosis? Did it work for you?