Some of you may know I have an assistant named Jody. She was telling me one day how she used to be a competitive rifle shooter in Canada. She'd shoot targets from distances ranging from 25 m to 1000 m, almost a mile away, in all types of conditions . In order to hit the very very small bullseye she'd have to lay super still on the ground, holding her rifle in just the right position and focus on her breathing in order to lower her heart rate and hit the bull. Even the slightest bit of excitement or adrenaline rush would throw everything off and she'd miss the mark. The bullseye on the targets she shot at 25 m were just a pin dot, so it was important to be as relaxed and focused as possible.  If she missed a bullseye on one shot, it was critical to maintain that focus, not let it get to her and keep going so she could get the next one. Keep the breathing relaxed, keep the heart rate low so she could focus on what was coming next. If she didn't, she ran the risk of missing all her next shots. She competed on a national level and actually qualifed for the Canadian National Rifle Team, so this was a big deal.

I believe that this is the same for your health and fitness. If you miss the mark one day, say have a bad workout or slip up on your diet, it is very easy to lose your focus. Maybe you start berating yourself, letting the guilt get to you. Before you know it you have yourself convinced that you aren't reaching your goals fast enough, and you give up.  Life has it's way of getting in the way. Something comes up and you falter with your workout program. You miss a day, then two, and then before you know it you've missed a week. You feel so "out of it" that you don't bother to start again, ashamed at all the time you've missed.

Don't lose your focus! If you miss the bullseye with one workout or one day--forget it! Focus on the NEXT workout, the NEXT opportunity to succeed and keep moving forward!

Success here is part exercise and nutrition and a BIG part mindset.  Keep your eye on the prize and your mind engaged in the process and the present.  What is done is done.  We ALL have days when we miss the mark--but the true WINNERS are the ones who pick themselves up and keep it going. Be DO'ERS and WINNERS. 


Stand in Your Power