So, as I have noticed I really did gain 2 pounds during the last week. It is the week prior to my period, and I always gain weight at that time. And, let's face it - it is not ALL water. It is also chocolate, hamburgers, and cupcakes.

I have to include these cravings in my plan.

When I quit smoking, I substituted nicotine with chocolate, and gained 39 pounds. I promised myself, I got to eat anything I wanted to, as long as I did not smoke. It worked fine, but it brought me 39 pounds heavier.

I know for a fact, that chrome keeps your levels of blood sugar in good shape, decreasing the risk of overeating. Some vitamins and minerals are also good for keeping a healthy eating habit during pms, and I will share the secrets with you:

Vitamin D, vitamin E, b6&b12, chrome, calcium and magnesium. And don't forget to take your Omega 3 as well!

I must find a way to use this information so I can be able to stop myself from eating everything in the grocery store during pms. Once I even ate the chocolate while still in line to pay for it... The only thing that was left was the paper. And my shame. 

I will take the time to stock up on vitamins and minerals I think I need, as well as come up with ideas on how to tackle the sudden cravings. According to my time manager, the plan will be ready to take off on June 1. 4 weeks to go!