Being overweight has been something I have personally struggled with since I was a small child. I have always been an over eater. Everytime I've tried to lose weight on different plans and would have a "cheat meal," they would spiral into a severe binge. I'm really bad about saying to myself, "I had a bad meal today so I might as well take the rest of the day and eat what I want and start over tomorrow." Tomorrow would come and then I would eat crappy in the morning and then the cycle would repeat. Before I knew it, I'd be a week into eating everything and up 10-15 pounds. That's why out of a whole year, I've only had 3 meals that were over my weightwatchers weeklies bc I have to keep myself on a tight leash when it comes to food. When I slip it can quickly turn into a full blown slide. I envy people who can be so relaxed in their meals and be able to take a few "days off plan." I, however, am not one of those people. Its taken me a long time to realize what I can and cannot have. I choose to not do anything that will trigger my past eating disorder bc its just not worth it for my physical and/or mental health. It's not worth that piece of cheesecake or little debbies for me to spiral out of control and lose grip on something I've worked my tail off for. My approach doesn't work for everyone and I completely understand that. But suffering from past eating disorders, I know whats best for me. I know tons of people suffer from binge eating disorder as well. The best thing you can do is know what your triggers are. I can feel when that "bingey feeling" is coming on. I know I have to immediately find something to keep my hands busy so they will literally stay away from whatever it is I want to eat. I've found these are the best things that keep me busy: cleaning my house or car, organizing, working out, gardening and pulling weeds and any type of yard work. It doesn't sound like much BUT it makes a huge difference. Whenever I overeat, I always feel guilty, mad at myself, angry and then want to give up bc I feel like I've ruined what I've worked for. When I do the things I listed, I feel accomplished, proud and productive. Plus, I'm burning calories and earning activity points so it's a win-win all around!!!!! Just know that if your struggling with overeating that there are ways to handle/manage it and still have successful weight loss!!!