Another day in the books! We were tasked with an assignment on this day of either buying an outfit/dress or pulling one out of our closet we would like to be able to wear for New Years.  My goal will be at the end of this diet bet since my birthday is also at the end 12/27!!

I pulled out a blue Ralph Lauren dress that I wore in 2013 to my 20 year high school reunion. I looked HOT in that dress!  I posted the photo requested and saw the huge difference in the 3 years in myself. There is a difference in not only my appearance but in how I carry myself as a whole.

This assignment got me thinking about my mentality and way of motivating myself in the past. I am not sure if anyone has done anything similar as what I have but I will explain.  In the past as I have begun my journeys, I have pulled out an old "fat picture" of myself and posted it up somewhere. I have put it on the fridge or on a bulletin board as a reminder of what I can get back to at my heaviest so that I am motivated to keep going. I think that in my mind the thought process was that if I went to the fridge and saw myself fat, I wouldn't open it and eat.  Obviously, that is not an effective tool since I went round and round with the same process.

I wonder now, can the opposite effect happen with my success picture? I don't mean that I will post photos of a skinny me around the house, that would be silly. I simply mean as a reminder that I do have the ability to do this. I have the power to succeed and the tools inside me to do it. There is a healthy, skinny, more beautiful me underneath all of this unhealthiness that I have allowed to pile up.  Can the opposite effect happen? I think it is worth a try.  I hadn't looked at those photos in that dress since this assignment, but I am thankful I did. I remember now. I REALLY remember how good I felt and looked.

So here we are with day 3 in the books! I made it to day 3! I knew my goals, but know I really want my goals a little more. I am a little more motivated than yesterday. I am ready for today, to tackle day 4 with a vengeance!