So, if it wasn't obvious, I am committing to blogging daily on this journey to help me on my way. 

Today, food wise, was a very good day.

I also got some major errands done that needed "done-in".

Work--oy the stress! But I was good with my food, watched my intake, and stayed the course. And that's what I'm trying to do over this bet--get myself on track, instill some good habits, begin my journey toward better health.

One step at a time. Make more good choices that poor ones. Inch closer to the goal.

My goal for this four weeks is clear: lose 13 pounds. However, I would really like to aim for 16. So that's my stretch goal.

After that, I will set up a six month goal to lose 50. And along the way I want to start walking regularly, and incorporating running.

What small victories did you have today? Did you inch toward your prize?