This is a little shout-out to Vegan Warrior and also a journal entry of my first steps of my weightloss journey.

Let me start by saying that I'm a cheating vegetarian. I've been vegan/vegetarian/cheating vegetarian for I believe 18 years now, so this is nothing new. As far as regular foods go, cheese is my achilles heel. I love cheese. A meal without cheese is just not a meal. (Same goes for garlic, but that's another story...)This is where I am currently, as far as food goes.

Breakfast: I do 0.5dl chia seeds in approximately 3-3.5dl lowfat plain yoghurt, with pureed fruits. I'm a lazy bum, so I get 100gr packages of baby-food at the store, and mix it all together and let sit at least over night. I usualy make a batch of 3 servings at the time (I get 1l containers of youghurt ) that I put in the fridge, then I just have to grab one each morning.

Lunch: Usually I do a microwave soup and add another 150g of veggies to that. It keeps me full for a while and makes no demands of me weighing food and counting my own calories and nutritions.

Evening meal: I'm still not good with this part. When I get home, I usually get a few slices of white bread with cheese. But I am substituting the white bread with wholegrain bread next time I go grocery shopping.

Snackfoods: I eat lots of fruits and veggies throughout the day. Usually an apple, a bellpepper or two, some cherry tomatos, baby carrots, sprouts, sugarsnap peas, some blueberries, sprouts...

As far as my excercise goes, I have no program yet. I'm working on the habits of moving around and will build on that over the weeks/months to follow.

Right now, I go swimming twice per week, and try to get an hours worth of brisk walk each day. I am having back issues right now, but I plan on going into strenght training as soon as I feel better, probably in a week or two. Just bodyweight excercises to start with, like situps, pushups, lunges, squats, that sort of thing.


Like I said, this is my starting point.
I'm in the process of eliminating my bad food-stuff and triggers from my home, it's too easy right now to get the ice cream or the chocolate or white bread from the kitchen. If I have to go to the store to get it, chances are I won't go, or at least I get some excercise in walking there and back to get it.
I'm also moving my entertainment center so I don't sit on the couch all evening watching TV. It means rearrangin all my furniture though, so I need to figure that bit out as well. When I get the money, I'm getting a crosstrainer, but until then I'm going to do squats/lunges/etc for at least one show every day. I will have to work for my entertainment, so to speak.

That's all for now.