I'm on vacation this week. And I realize it's a little bad timing for it. I have not yet established my routine, the eating healty and move/excercise each day. And until I have things down to routine, it becomes a struggle to do anything. I am a creature of habit (thank you, Autism...), and change doesn't come easy to me. So to barely get started, and take a break, is not the easiest way to go about it.

Add to it, that a successfull vacation for me consists of different activities while resting my butt and perhaps back on a soft surface. While stuffing my face with all the things I'm now trying to avoid. I have no interest in activities that include physical activity. I love reading, movies, crafts, that sort of things. Thought, when the weather is nice, long walks are ok. Where I live, thought, this is not the season for nice weather...This is the season of dark, wind, snow, sleet, rain, wind (it bears mentioning twice).

So to get throught this vacation, and still enjoying it, I made myself a deal...
I may have an extra can of soda every day. I may have two servings of snacks/candy every day. (Servings, not economy-packs of cheese doodles.)

But only if I do more than the 'regular' excercise each day. I know, it's not perfect, it's probably just another bad excuse, I'm definately not be on any caloric deficiency this week... But it's a compromise. I get to enjoy my vacation, and I'm getting more excercise, which is not a total fail, even if it's not exactly a win.

Today was a walk-one-hour-day, and I did an extra hour of walking and one hour of swimming on top. I had only one can of soda, and two pastries. (Except for the salad, the blueberries, the grapefruit,the yoghurt, the tomatos, the carrots, the sparkling water and the marinated beans. What I consider my 'regular' fare.)