Help for Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue


02/02/2015 11:15PM
Great post! One of the best I've read recently. I would like to second the Whole30 suggestion. At the very least, cutting out gluten has literally changed my life. I went from being disabled to planning a family and a career as a farmer -yes, really!!


Thanks. I'm hoping to see results from cutting gluten. What bothers me the most is the brain fog, I read so much slower than I used to and struggle to concentrate most days. And the fatigue makes me not want to move from my bed or desk chair. The joint pain is barely a blip on my radar most days - I was in much more pain from my uterus, before I had a hysterectomy, and my IBS causes me more problems now. How long after you went gluten-free did it take to see results?

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