This week, I am managing my time and stress levels by:

  • Ordering groceries online and having them delivered. (God bless Walmart Delivery!) 
  • Ordering my Quest bars from Amazon instead of hunting them down at a store. 
  • Leaving work on time.
  • Scheduling time at the gym with the whole family.
  • Using the Move app at work to get off my butt throughout the day. 
  • Setting some boundaries on my rowing life this summer.
  • Starting to work with a rowing trainer who can help me meet my personal goals and best direct my limited workout time. 
  • Getting enough sleep. (I'm trying!!!)

Miscellaneous: Mid-week weigh in tomorrow... looking forward to that. My new gym is packed out in the evenings, but I'll get over it. At least three people were doing real squats, so that was nice. Natural Calm is so helpful for preventing muscle cramps at night. Ordered my Bode Burn & Build stuff- can't wait to try the new canned Build.