I've been doing Couch to 5K for a month now. I've done week 1 for the last 4 weeks because it was such a struggle to get through it that I felt like I couldn't advance. I finally felt strong enough to move to week 2 and I killed it. There were times during the last 30 seconds of the last 2 runs that I had to dig deep and just focus on my breath and relaxing my calf muscles as much as possible but I made it. I also kept in mind something I remember hearing Shay say in a Shayloss video about that point that you reach that isn't easy any more, that is a challenge, that is where you work and get stronger. Now I will say I started the first 2 weeks using the indoor track here and the YMCA but as I would run the app would get all messed up and I was scared to run on the treadmill because I felt like I would fall if I used it and also some runners are against it because the belt pushes you but hey it's kept me going and has increased my speed. It's training me and one day I will run on the ground again. I've never been a runner. In school I was very easily thrown into an asthma attack and just couldn't do it and I also smoked off and on since the 3rd grade and was a regular daily smoker for a few years so running was out of the question then. Over the last few years I've given up smoking, am gaining control over my diet, disciplining my body, and am starting to push past the lie I've had in my head about myself that I can't be a runner and that I can't be fit and healthy. I'm not great at it all yet but just the changes I've seen since I started, wow I amaze myself.