First month done, and I won my first dietbet!    One of my motivators to lose weight is to look fabulous in my best friends wedding in October (Oct 11, to be exact).  I bought the bridesmaid dress a few months ago, and had gained weight since originally purchasing it.  I also bought it a size small at the time, intending to lose 5-10 lbs before the wedding. 


A month ago, I was about 15 lbs away from fitting into it.  I've lost around 7-8 lbs, and I need to lose about 7-8 more to feel like I'm killing it!


I have 6 weeks (-1 day) to get to that goal!  To help up my motivation, I just joined 2 more diet bets (my first time doing a 4 week program!) that start in a couple of days. 


I really enjoy seeing other peoples before and after photos, so I decided to take one today.  Sorry, I didn't take a picture at the start. I'm not sure I could have zipped the dress up. :-/


The top fits nicely, but the bottom is still snug.  I can't walk around without it making a crease across the hip area.  Hopefully by the time the big day comes, I can walk down the aisle in complete confidence that my skirt isn't riding up!