The Morning Glory drinking in the sun! It is an image that I captured this summer after an early morning workout and some time spent swinging a golf club to find a more balanced and efficient swing.

For even the golf professional, finding that better swing is a continuous process that requires daily effort. Likewise life's profession, getting better at anything, requires the same effort - and being better is my intention for 2015 and beyond!

I spent 8 months of 2014, from April - December, making that daily effort within Dietbet games - building the better habits that can allow me to "Eat, Drink & Be Skinny!" (-67!) The transformation over those months that added up to 28% body weight loss was the result of deciding to harness the power of present activity - making better choices - one step at a time.

I'm going to give January a go without a Dietbet game.  I'm so grateful for all the help getting here from Jillian Michaels, Teresa Marie Howes' EDBS and the Dietbet community!  I'm Thankfully in a great place to start the New Year and I know that I can always jump back in if I want a little extra push, but here are the lessons that i hope will serve me as I move forward.

Lessons I've Learned:

1.  Be a Morning Glory!  Starting the day with exercise sets a healthy tone for the day and allows me to shine!

2.  Keep swinging!  I have to show up and make the daily effort!  

3.  The Powerful Present!  No mattter what came before or what is ahead, the precious and powerful present is where possibility lives and where transformation happens!   "Transformation is not a future event it is a present activity" -  I'll heed Jillian Michael's sage advice and keep doing her circuit training workouts too! I'll take the many opportunities in the day to get moving (yoga, taking the stairs, walking at lunch, hula hooping, even running)! AND, I'll be making good use of Teresa Marie's many helpful offerings @!   

4.  Forgive!  Forgiveness allows lightness and the opportunity to see this moment unencumbered!  Forgiveness allows me to let go of hurt, regret, dissatisfaction . . .  the heavy stuff that impedes the forward progress and allows me to find the possibilities right NOW!

5.  Balance and Healthy choices!  I can make healthy choices in the food I eat and the activities that I choose! I choose - the healthy and the indulgent!  Living a healthy lifestyle means balancing the calories that I take in and those that I sweat out!  

6.  Eyes on the Real Prize!  Have a longterm healthy goal for when the less healthy choices call. 

7.  Glory in Gratitude!  Our Magnificence is found in appreciating the gifts that are already here! When we can do that it opens our windows and doors - our arms and hearts - for the sun to warm every inch of our presence and for greater and better to grow!  

Here's to Living our Magnificence in 2015!!!