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Jo H.

I will get into a right-sized body and stay there permanently. I want to be comfortable, healthy, and free from food obsession :)

Quick Facts

Favorite Health Food: Thai Chicken and Veggie Saute

Favorite Sinful Food: Pizza and Ice Cream...of course!

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Life:) yardwork,cleaning,rebuild camper

My Approach to Weight Loss: Real, whole foods, just less of it :)

My Weight Loss Program: I don't follow a program

My Diet Plan: Bright Line Eating

Fitness/Exercise Apps: I don't use any apps

Fitness Devices: I don't use a device

DietBet Winnings: $3,260.45

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about 9 hours ago in Joyful January Transformer—Win a Peloton bike
  • Some food prep. Unlike those Facebook pics you see, I have mismatched Tupperware and odd quantities :-)

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Jo H.

Looks great! I use old sour cream and cottage cheese containers, lol.

Kristie R.

What’s everyone’s goal today???

Let’s crush them.

My goal for today is more water ❤

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Jo H.

I will eat only and exactly what I've written down for today. That's my goal.


More fruit and veg! Doing pretty well on it so far

Kristie R.

  • 💯💯💯

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Yes you will

Jo H.

Yes I will!


06/13/2019 8:36AM in 2019 Lasting reSOLUTIONs—$6,000+ in Prizes
I still have about 50-60 pounds I'd like to lose, so I was just looking at the transformers starting soon. The one starting Monday has a $75 bet per round. I'm like omg!!! Has anyone done one with that high of a bet? What are the payouts like? That is a lot of money to give up at once when we don't get it back for 6 months. I might be able to swing it if we got paid after every round but since we don't I'm just not sure...

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Jeanette K.

This is the first one like this that they have ever done.

D.A. B.

I agree with Jo H. -- it's not the pay out (BUT THAT DEFINITELY HELPS!) -- it's that I don't want someone else keeping my $75 and that motivates me (it's weird, but it works). And of course -- I guess -- also the comraderie, and support, and friends, blah, blah, blah... (*wink*, big smile)

Jacquellyn C.

Guys...My weight just went from being in the 210’s to the 200’s. Ok, 209.8 lbs...but still the 200’s!! Eekk! next big goal is to get back under 200 lbs🙌

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Yay!! Good job :clap:

Victoria C.

You can do it! Keep focused on the goal!!
Jo H. has weighed in at xxx pounds, down 1.6 pounds
06/12/2019 6:15AM in Joyful January Transformer—Win a Peloton bike

Total weight lost is now 7,675 pounds! Average is 10.9 pounds.

Brandon H.

06/11/2019 7:51AM in June Jumpstart Transformer - $2,100 in Cash Prizes
What's the goal for round one?

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Jo H.



06/11/2019 7:46AM in Joyful January Transformer—Win a Peloton bike
  • One month to go!

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Jo H.

No pizza for me! I made goal with not an ounce to spare. :)

Jessica P.

06/10/2019 8:35PM in 2019 Lasting reSOLUTIONs—$6,000+ in Prizes
Does anyone know if we can get our weigh-in / weight out photo history from Dietbet?

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I don't know about the app but I can see them on laptop (safari)

D.A. B.

Best idea is of course contact DB support. I've done this: Login online with my computer (not phone). There is a place to see your photos and weight loss graph. I believe you can double click or right click to save them to your computer.

Syd Journey

06/10/2019 8:31AM in Syd’s Do it for You DietBet! Extra Prizes $$$
  • Good Morning Strong Squad!! First off WOW! I am absolutely blown away by how many of y’all participated! That makes me so incredibly happy and inspired! So thank you :). Here are our three winners from the challenge: Elisabeth King, Smurf, and Clark P. Also congratulations to our weekend workout challenge winners: JulieAnn M and Sass. Winners please email me at sydneytrrs@yahoo.com to claim your $10 Amazon Giftcard. Im so proud of everyone that participated! We made it past week #1 !! Awesome job everyone!

    Now onto the next challenge. This is something I struggle with a ton as Im sure others do as well: The actual diet portion of weightless. So hopefully this challenge will help all of us stay on track for week #2. The Food Tracking Challenge! This week I want for all of us to track our eating. You can either write it in a personal journal, use My Fitness Pal (thats what I personally use) or any app you choose. You can do a simple “ I tracked my food today” or you can use screen shots or even pictures of your meals. Feel free to post daily or you can wait until the end of the week to let me know you tracked everyday. Im fine with either :) Post on the DietBet wall or the Facebook page as I check both places daily. I will go ahead and pick two winners this week for a $10 Amazon Giftcard on Monday morning 6/17/19 PST. Good luck everyone and stay strong! We got this!!

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Paige H.

I love tracking my food, I do it every day!!

lisa s.

I track every day through my Fitbit app!
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