Lisa I.

Why? Because it's time to lose the weight once and for all. My plan is to only eat food if it grazes, swims or grows and hasn't been processed. I gave up diet soda to lose this weight. I feel so much better without the artificial sweeteners!

Quick Facts

Favorite Health Food: Salad

Favorite Sinful Food: Donuts

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Walking and spin bike

My Approach to Weight Loss: Eat right and be active.

My Weight Loss Program: Whole30

My Diet Plan: Paleo-ish

Fitness/Exercise Apps: I don't use any apps

Fitness Devices: FitBit

DietBet Winnings: $132.51

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Lauren E.

10/12/2013 11:06AM
Lisa I was wondering if you would like to be friends on Facebook? I am in the gay community as well and love to have friends with things in common as me. If you did want to friend me my username is Laurie Ellis :)
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Lisa I.

Sure! Look me up on FB. My info is above.

Lauren E.

My Facebook is Laurie Ellis :) I have a pink icon where it is half of my face to the left on icon

Stephanie H.

10/11/2013 9:29AM
I've definitely spent too much of my life hating my body, and now I'm finally taking matters into my hands and changing things. I definitely feel better about myself because I'm changing things and not just sitting around not doing something to fix the problem.

Which mountains are you going to? I'd love to go to the mountains but a recent flood left only 1 road available and the government shutdown closed it so I would have to go about 100 miles out of the way to get up there. I'd really love to go for a hike with all the trees changing.

At the beginning of the year I quit my job and moved two states away for a fresh start, and I think it was the best thing I could have done for myself. Sometimes you just have to jump and hope someone will catch you. Have a good Friday!

Lisa I.

OMG...are you in north CO? That's where I am! Is there a way to send private messages on here? Would rather keep actual location out of public view. Gotta be safe, you know?

Stephanie H.

I am in North CO. If you're on facebook... you can friend me and pm there.

Stephanie H.

10/10/2013 8:26PM
Today was the first time I realized I wasn't hungry any more and stopped eating at breakfast. I was really good because I didn't get hungry until I was supposed to eat lunch.

I work for a research company. I absolutely love my work 95% of the time. Not a lot of stress now that I have been there for a while (7 months). I get bored a lot but it's a 7 to 4 m-f desk job. My last job was high stress and long hours so I am glad to have found where I am now. Do you have a lot of stress at work or home?

Donuts were bad for me too. I could never pick one kind so I always ended up eating at least 3 to be sure I got a good variety. I knew it was unhealthy but I didn't know how to stop myself. What I am liking about the whole 30 is that I don't feel deprived of anything even though it is extremely restrictive.

Lisa I.

Wow! We are living parallel lives! In May, I left a company I had been with for 9 years. The stress level was toxic! I'm an engineer and was doing the job of about 3 people. So I left the corporate world and now work for a competitor with a private company. I'm hitting my stride and doing good things here.

You totally hit the nail on the head about the donuts and not being able to stop! Definitely a food with no brakes!!

My self esteem is actually better now that I don't feel held captive to those cravings.

Well, TGIF! I should get some stuff done and finish the week strong. I'm heading up into the mountains again this weekend. Keep your fingers crossed that I don't roll another one of our vehicles getting up there!! LOL

Stephanie H.

10/10/2013 6:50PM
Hope your day went well. Are you feeling the tiger blood yet? I'm still trying to sleep the night through but I know that it will happen. Just remember the weekend is almost here. I'm 1/3 done and know I'll make it to the finish line. How many more days do you have?

Lisa I.

Funny. We posted at about the same time.

No tiger blood yet. I'm on Day 18 and feeling pretty good overall. I like that I can lose weight without really counting calories. My body is telling me when I'm full so I don't over eat.

It sounds like you are having a good experience with this. That "I know I'm going to make it" feeling is amazing, isn't it?

Stephanie H.

10/09/2013 7:56PM
I read the book before I started. It really inspired me to work for change in my life to be better. I had a really strong craving for McDonald's french fries today when I got off work. I'm definitely glad that I purposefully drive home on a route without fast food restaurants or I may have caved.

Lisa I.

My weakness is donuts. There is a convenience store where I would always stop for gas and they sold donuts from a local baker. So now I don't buy gas there. LOL.

Anyway, I'm reading the book in the evenings after work but tonight is my favorite show...that twisty sexy good Scandal! Not much reading tonight.

I feel like I've finally hit a stride with the diet. My appetite has decreased a lot and food choices are getting easier. But I am still dog tired in the mornings. I'm not sleeping well for some reason. I really haven't merged going to the gym into my routine because of it. Although I'm thinking if I work out, it might make me sleep well. That'll be my plan of attack next week.

So what do you do for a living? Do you have lots of stress at work?

Stephanie H.

10/08/2013 7:50PM
The ball is a Halloween thing with lots of ballroom dancing. I'm really excited for it. I'm actually wearing a dust mask at work to try and fend off the sickness.

I'm still feeling exhausted but I think it's getting better because I can do without caffeine. I actually never really feel hungry except first thing in the morning so I'm still guessing what my body is trying to say.

I'd definitely be happy to have my brain function get better. Hope you have a great day tomorrow!

Lisa I.

From the chapter I read last night in It Starts With Food, being hungry in the morning is exactly what you want. That means your hormones are balancing and giving you the right wake up message! Are you reading that book? I'm finding it to be very enlightening.

Stephanie H.

10/07/2013 7:44PM
I never did get the hangover which kind of surprises me because I was eating a lot of sugar before I started.I had a good day at work but everyone at work is horribly sick and I'm afraid I'm going to get it. But I really don't want to get it before Saturday because I have a costume ball to go to that I am really looking forward to. I am officially done with my first week and still going strong.

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Lisa I.

Congrats on week 1 being done! You know, I experienced all the "phases" so far but not in the order listed in the Timeline. I'm on Day tiger blood yet. LOL

Don't use the copy room at work. Stick to the stapler and stuff on you own desk. Lots of hand washing and don't rub your face!

So what's this costume ball? A Halloween thing?

So, for me right now, even though I'm not bouncing all around with energy, i do think my brain is a little sharper than it was a week or so ago. And I'm amazed at how I am getting that clear "full" signal when I eat. Tells me that maybe I am getting my hormones back in balance!

Stephanie H.

10/06/2013 9:00PM
I hope the milk stout was good. I had a busy day but good. I only ate 2 meals both days though. I have plenty of good stuff cooked for the week to keep me on track. I just got done with my dance class which I think are too fun to count as exercise. Have a great Monday!

Lisa I.

It was quite tasty. No regrets for having it. Lol.

Today was pretty benign. I wanted to go to the gym after work but it didn't happen. Still waiting for that "tiger blood" to kick in. Other than that, still on track here.

Did you ever get the hangover?

Stephanie H.

10/05/2013 7:31PM
I'm sorry to hear about your accident but am very happy you're okay. I had a rough day keeping on track. Breakfast was a burrito without eating the tortilla and dinner was a salad because that was the only thing that I could have on the menu. Pretty sure that's the first time in my life I ordered a salad as an entrée but it was okay. I'm just having the problem that my head is saying that's not enough food but my body is saying it's fine.
A beer does sound really good. My favorite bar just tapped a new chocolate porter today. Just remember the goal and keep your head. Eventually it will come along for the ride.

Lisa I.

Well, a milk stout spoke louder than my will power last night. We went to the neighborhood Oktoberfest. It was good to let loose and let the stress go.

Back on track today with a seared ahi salad for lunch. My partner is cooking up a storm in the kitchen. I spent the afternoon finishing a fence in our backyard.

Yeah, sometimes salads just don't cut it as a main dish but if there is enough protein on it, I can feel satisfied. Sure takes longer to graze through all that lettuce than it does to eat a regular meal!

Good luck with the start of your week. Get some stuff cooked an prepped. You'll do great!

Stephanie H.

10/04/2013 7:55PM
Bountiful baskets is a food co-op where I get a huge basket full of fruits and veggies every week. It's really great especially on a budget.

I'm really glad you survived the pot luck. Tomorrow I'm spending the day out with friends so I'm a little worried about making the right choices. I plan on cooking for the week so I can have more choices. I got a little bored this week so I need to make sure that I do better next week.

I am really close to onederland. I only have 5 lbs to go. I'm really surprised that I haven't been going through any withdrawal symptoms from not having caffeine or sugar.

Lisa I.

Good plan to cook for the week. That's working well for me. And you'll be in onederland in no time! I'll be there in 29.8lbs. Lol.

Man I'm having a rough day though. My partner and I were in a roll over accident last night. No injuries. Just some bumps and aches. But I am stressed out and wanting to eat comfort food. I want a beer too!! LOL. I wish I could break the mental drive to look towards food when I'm stressed.

Down to Earth

Omg Lisa, I'm glad to hear that everyone is ok. I totally understand the stress & mental aspect of wanting to eat. Unfortunately, I don't know what to do about it. I guess we have to break the cycle by making new habits.
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