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Favorite Health Food: Veggies

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My Preferred Method of Exercise: P U R E B A R R E

My Approach to Weight Loss: Slow and steady

My Weight Loss Program: I go to Pure Barre 4-5 times a week

My Diet Plan: I don't follow a plan

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Allison C.

08/27/2022 8:48PM in _FinallyLosingWeight August AS SEEN ON TIKTOK
Week 4 - Well Rounded - 8/27-9/2
Its our final week together! This challenge will be all inclusive of every challenge we have done so far! Food Tracking, Step Count, and Self Love posts will count as an entry for our final give away. Lets see those meals, miles, and me moments!

Week 3 winner will be announced on Monday!

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  • New dress, and out to finner with my Co-workers, feeling great!


Was there a Week 4 winner?


09/28/2022 8:19AM in _Finallylosingweight September - TIKTOK
  • Hello Everyone, I’ve been silent in the group but I have been working hard. Trying to break out of my comfort zone here. All I have to say is take the damn pictures because I wasn’t happy until I put these side by side. That’s a 4 week difference right there. I hope you all are working hard and making progress to you goals, whatever those may be. I still have a ways to go for mine but I’m celebrating the little goals along the way. I hope you have a great day! 💗 Sarah

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Excellent work!!

Allison C.



09/27/2022 3:22PM in _Finallylosingweight September - TIKTOK
  • I’m SO excited! I’m SO close to winning this bet and I’m approaching lower weights that I haven’t seen in YEARS!! 🎉 Congrats everyone!! 👏 #ptp

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Kayla H.

09/23/2022 8:44AM in _Finallylosingweight September - TIKTOK
Does anyone have weight scale recommendations? I would like to get a new one as my old is seeming to become inaccurate. Thanks in advance! 😊

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Allison C.

i second renpho!

Kayla H.

Thank you both!!

Allison C.

09/22/2022 6:23AM in _Finallylosingweight September - TIKTOK
  • I could fjcking cry.
    I’ve been in a really good headspace recently. Macros on point. Walking every day. Strength training 4x a week instead of all or nothing. My husband left our scale out which is a big no no in this house, but I felt good so I got on. I’ve never won a DietBet that I have hosted, and we have 10 days left. Now the real test… not “rewarding” myself with an influx of maintenance days. My cycle is starting soon, and may even coincide with weigh in day. I’m glad I got on the scale today to get a more accurate measurement. I’m taking this win.

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Amy M.

Congrats Allison!!! This DietBet has been awesome! Can’t wait to join next month!

Amber B.

09/20/2022 10:34AM in _Finallylosingweight September - TIKTOK
  • You guysssssssss! Protein pudding is a MUST! I just used a hand blender and mixed one Fairlife Core Power and a packet of sugar free/fat free pudding. It is amazing and the combinations are endless! I divided it into two giant servings (the picture is only one serving!)


    160 calories
    15g carbs
    1.8g fat
    21g protein

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Ohhhhh great idea!!! :tada::raised_hands:

Bee B.

09/20/2022 7:37AM in _Finallylosingweight September - TIKTOK
  • i’ve been trying to only weigh myself once a week but even though i got on the scale just the other day, something was telling me to get on it again today. i’m so glad i did, because i finally broke out of the 300s. y’all, i’ve been seeing a 3 at the front of my weight since the end of my freshman year of high school. i’m in my third year of college and seeing a 2 this morning changed everything for me. i hope everyone is having a great day❤

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Allison C.

I hope you had the most amazing day :heart:

Mira Z.



09/19/2022 5:53PM in _Finallylosingweight September - TIKTOK
  • Week 3: I’m really proud of myself, I just hit 250 classes in Pure Barre! 🎉
    Anyone else do PB?

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Here is a YouTube clip about starting Pure Barre, it always gets me so excited and motivated!!
It’s a full body workout and I’m definitely building muscle and feeling stronger each time I go. I’m hooked, definitely check it out!! :tada:


Allison C.

09/19/2022 10:30AM in _Finallylosingweight September - TIKTOK
Week 3 - Self Love - 9/19-9/25 - $15 Gift Card
Now that we have spent two whole weeks dedicated to nutrition and movement, it’s time to work on our MINDS. Boundaries have been huge in my journey. This week I challenge you to do something FOR YOU. This is going to look different for everyone. For some it may be journaling, practicing meditation, getting a mani/pedi, skipping a weigh in, taking a mental health day, buying a new outfit, celebrating an NSV, etc. Anything that you question, “was that something I just did to better my own health and well-being, and mental state?” The answer is yes. You’ll know it when it happens. To be entered into this giveaway please share that win with the group. If you have multiple self love moments throughout the Week please share! Your story helps so many people! Please do not hesitate to keep posting your meals and steps! We are building on these healthy habits to form a well rounded routine!!

Week 2 Step Challenge Winner – Jennie S! Please check your cheerboard notifiications!

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Morgan R.

Probably not the healthiest choice, but I ordered an Autumn Spice milkshake from Chick fil a - so good, especially on this cool, breezy, sunny day - it officially feels like fall:)

Courtney S.

My boyfriend and I always love doing exciting things on the weekend but it can be exhausting always going somewhere. Last night I decided we were going to stay home and enjoy a bonfire in our backyard. It was great to just sit, relax, and talk without any digital distractions. Highly recommend!


09/16/2022 7:51PM in _Finallylosingweight September - TIKTOK
  • Anyone else do Pure Barre? My weekly goal is at least 4 classes and this week I did 6!!!
    Feeling stronger every time I show up!! 💪🔥
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