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06/13/2021 1:33PM in Hot Baddie Spring Challenge
Baddies !!!!
Final week !!!
Let’s get after it !!!!!

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Erin B.

Totally slipped up last week and binged a LOT, but my head and heart are back in the game and I'm ready to reach my weight goal for this diet bet!


06/01/2021 5:43AM in Hot Baddie Spring Challenge
Week 2 baby !!!!
How’s everyone feeling ?!
I am refocused and ready to crush this week !!


05/24/2021 9:04AM in Hot Baddie Spring Challenge
Day 1 baby !!!!!
We may be a small group this game but we will be loud !!!!!

I am so excited to be kicking off this game !!
I need accountability more than ever !!!!

Feel free to introduce yourself below !!

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Elisabeth B.

Hey all,, Elisabeth here from Washington state.I really look forward to a new way of living and thinking. That's what it's going to be for me to get to a healthy weight. :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:


05/07/2021 5:45AM in The Bunny Baddies
Headed into our final weekend Baddies !
Make it count !!! Don’t lose sight of the goal !!!!!
We got this !!!

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@509.to.damnshesfine accepted the challenge.
05/04/2021 3:31PM in Hot Baddie Spring Challenge
The pot is now $35

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Lorena A.

05/04/2021 8:46AM in The Bunny Baddies
5 days left and I just hit my goal!! I've been off track since before the holidays And this was the final motivation that got me going again I'm so thankful!!! I've been doing Zumba two or three times a week which I would love to increase the number of workouts and add to the variety. Been mostly doing low carb but not really tracking exactly. The biggest thing that has made a difference for me is staying consistent on the weekends. Since about October I've been cheating on the weekends and whenever I feel like it during the week and I've just maintained and actually put on a few more pounds. But like this past weekend my husband ordered pizza and as hard as it was I made myself a quest pizza in the oven. Then we went swimming at his godparents And I knew they would be ordering tacos and quesadillas so I actually grilled myself a quesadilla at home and brought it! It's a little more effort but I found bringing your own stuff can totally prevent a slip up.

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colleen m.

That’s a great reminder-I fall down on weekends too!


Sooooooo proud of youuuu !!!! Yasssssss !!!


05/03/2021 12:33PM in The Bunny Baddies
Final week baby !!!!!!!!

I wanna see everyone on the wall ! Let’s post and motivate everyone to finish strong !!!!

Final giveaway will be someone who posts on the wall this week !!!!!!

What are you doing this final week to stay focused ?
How are you moving ?
What are you eating ?
How are you practicing self care ?!

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Lorena A.

I've mostly been doing Zumba so far. I do better with group gym routines whether it be boot camp style or Zumba. I've been trying to do low-carb but not really measuring. I just need to remember to stay consistent so I keep my weight down! I finally hit my goal this morning and I am so excited


  • Joined a few step bets, hydrating, working on less processed foods, making me a habit!!!

@509.to.damnshesfine created this game!

05/02/2021 6:09AM in Hot Baddie Spring Challenge
Players will compete to lose 4% of their starting weight in 4 weeks. Everyone who wins splits the pot! See how it works.

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04/26/2021 5:03AM in The Bunny Baddies
Heading into week 3 baby !! Officially half way there !!! How’s everyone feeling ?! What do you need from the group to be successful this last half ?!

I’m loving the vibes on the wall !! Keep posting those work outs and meals !!!!!

Let’s get it baby.

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Yessss more interaction on here from everyone would be awesome! Tonight I’m making ribeye n asparagus

Maria P.

My tip (that hopefully will do the work this time as well) is a looooot of water, early dinner and daily walking for like 1 hour. For lunch I let myself eat as I want but dinner has to be a healthy option. Hope that helps if someone feels stuck...


04/23/2021 7:49AM in The Bunny Baddies
Heading into our second weekend && coming up on the start of our 3rd week !!!!!

How’s everyone doing ?!

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