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Caitlin H.

about 14 hours ago in 509s DamnFine Dietbaddies - via iPhone
  • Who’s ready for our 2nd weekly give away to close week two ?! I will be announcing all winners of the weekly giveaways at the end of the game. Don’t think I forgot about you who entered the “why” giveaway last week !!
    This week let’s focus on staying successful during the weekend. Share what you do on the weekends to stay focused and on track with your goals !!
    If you’re struggling on the weekends I wanna hear from you too & also be sure to read everyone’s posts on what they do ... find that inspiration to have a goal crushing weekend...
    &&&&& what better weekend to be goal driven than a holiday weekend !! For anyone know in the states Monday here is Memorial Day... that means tons of bbgs and pasta salad... the devil !!!
    Holiday weekend or not for you, tell me how you plan to reach those goals every Friday-Sunday !!!!

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Summer H.

Well I've really been sticking to making healthy choices, counting my calories, and working out these past 2 weeks. So I'm going to allow myself a little cheat day tomorrow (We are BBQing a day early). First I plan on getting my run in early and then when it comes time to eat I'm going to enjoy all the good stuff just in moderation. My biggest concern is the beer!! Those calories add up fast! I will probably regret it come Monday but I've been working hard so we will see.


Going into every day with a game plan and enjoying the treats in moderation!

Caitlin H.

05/21/2019 5:47PM in 509s DamnFine Dietbaddies
  • Last week together as a tribe we focused on water !! Soooo many of you gave input on what works for you from what kind of bottles, the temp you prefer your water, how much water you aim for by certain points of the day, ect..
    This week lets keep drinking our water, but lets focus on MOVING ! I dont care what you do.. but get up and move!! I know for myself at 509 lbs moving was dreadful, painful, and the biggest chore ever. Start small.. work your way up to longer more intense. For myself parking further away at the store is where I started. I am not saying you need to run a mile in a gym everyday this week..I am just saying to MOVE !! Fold some laundry standing up, don't bring all your groceries in, in one trip, dance, walk, run, jog, heck be the real MVP and show me crab walk or some break dancing !! hahaha But seriously, get up and move!!! One thing I learned.. is if you are watching a 1 hour long show on TV, and you get up and walk in place during every commercial.. you will total at the end of walking 20 minutes !!! How are you going to move this week ? What are you weekly move goals ? How can you move more if you are already moving ? MOVE MOVE MOVE !!!!

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I have been doing a 1 mile loop at work every day this week It helps break up my day too!

Elana S.

I have had to work late every night this week. I have done 30-60 min each day starting at 11:30 PM. So sleepy but glad I did it. :)

Caitlin H. created this game!

about 12 hours ago in 509s DamnFine DietBaddies
Players will compete to lose 4% of their starting weight in 4 weeks. Everyone who wins splits the pot! See how it works.

Up to the challenge? Join this game!

Caitlin H.

05/23/2019 6:43AM in 509s DamnFine Dietbaddies - via iPhone
Baddies !!!! We are only 4 baddies away from 600 and it is not too late to join !!!! Have a friend, spouse, co worker ?! Share share share !!!!
Huge giveaway if we reach 600 Baddies !!

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We reached it now! Yay!

Catherine H.

05/22/2019 7:06AM in 509s DamnFine Dietbaddies - via iPhone
This DietBet has been keeping me motivated to walk more! I am now at 247 pounds and I haven’t been this low in about 4 years! Thanks everyone for all the support and comments on here! We can do this!

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Caitlin H.

Yassss babe !!!!!!! This is why I made this !!!!! You are truly a baddie !!!

Sarah True

05/22/2019 6:59AM in 509s DamnFine Dietbaddies - via android
  • Eggs and veggies for breakfast, yummy!

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Caitlin H.

The perfect breakfast in my eyes !!!

Cat Zito

05/22/2019 4:37AM in 509s DamnFine Dietbaddies - via android
  • Got my cardio in! ???????????? #cardioqueen

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Caitlin H.

Cardio Baddie Queen *


05/22/2019 3:49AM in 509s DamnFine Dietbaddies - via android
  • Lettuce Wraps.. one of my favorite ways to have mexican food! Chicken and Steak with brown rice, quinoa, avocado, a pinch of cheese and salsa.. delicious and easy!

Caitlin H. , Shannon and like this photo.

Caitlin H.

Mexican food is bae and this will be my taco Tuesday next week !! Thanks for inspiring it babe !!!


05/22/2019 2:34AM in 509s DamnFine Dietbaddies - via iPhone
  • First work on this month and I feel like I’m dying 😭
    I really need to work out more. But every time I’m so scared when I go to the gym.
    Anyway I think I do a nice work. And today I try new food. I made myself a toast with avocado and scrambled eggs. I'm not an avocado fan, but the toast was delicious =)

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stephanie s.


Caitlin H.

Amazing choices !!! You’re killing it Baddie babe !!!


05/22/2019 2:06AM in 509s DamnFine Dietbaddies - via iPhone
  • Okay I’m massively insecure about my body but if there is anywhere I can post this I guess it’s here! I’ve had four children really close so my body has been through the ringer a little so please don’t judge it! Haha but this is the difference I’ve made to it over a few months .. I had lost some weight already in the bottom one and felt rather good about myself at the time .. can you see a difference ? I struggle with how I actually look VS what I think I look like .. anyone else? Keep going everyone ❤

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stephanie s.

I only had one baby and would love to look like that! :fire::raised_hands:

Caitlin H.

Mom bod goals !!!!!!!
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