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Favorite Health Food: Salad, any kind, I love them all!

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Walking/Running

My Approach to Weight Loss: Just eat real food in modest portions.

My Weight Loss Program: Instant Loss (JERF)

My Diet Plan: Just Eat Real Food (JERF)

Fitness/Exercise Apps: Garmin Connect

Fitness Devices: Garmin Forerunner

DietBet Winnings: $103.10


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+1.7% Since last weigh-in+2.3 lbs
+1.7% 1-Month Change+2.3 lbs
-1.3% Lifetime Change-1.8 lbs

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Brittany W.

02/10/2019 8:11AM in Instant Loss New Year, New You! - via iPhone
  • Happy last day! Don’t forget to submit your final weigh ins!! I know there were so many of your who rocked this challenge and for those of you who struggled or missed it by a hair “it doesn’t matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop”. This is only the beginning! ❤

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Kelly T.

Go to "weigh in" as if you're submitting another weight and it will be there with instructions like the initial setup was. I submitted my final weight this morning with the word.


Happy happy happy... verified 1.9 under goal :-)

Brittany W.

02/06/2019 8:45PM in Instant Loss New Year, New You! - via iPhone
  • This is your weekly reminder to remind yourself that it’s okay not to be perfect. Not with diet. Not with mom’ing. Not with anything.
    There will be days where everything goes perfectly right and you soar and there will be days where you don’t leave your bed.
    That means you’re perfectly human. Just keep showing up, keep talking, keep breathing, keep reaching out, you can totally do this.
    4 days left, almost there!

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Brittany W.

02/01/2019 7:47AM in Instant Loss New Year, New You! - via iPhone
  • Simple plant based lunch. Smoothie with coconut water, strawberries, blueberries, spinach, and fresh mint leaves. Salad with spring mix, sugar snap peas, carrots, cherry tomatoes, feta, sunflower seeds, sea salt, black pepper, extra virgin olive oil, and apple cider vinegar. .

    If I know I’m going to eat something heavy, like pasta or tortillas for dinner, I try to keep lunch light and I have a snack between lunch and dinner. This isn’t a hard and fast rule, it’s just part of my intuitive eating, a way to make sure I’m well balanced. .

    To keep our grocery bill down, most days, we only consume meat during one meal. We do a lot of meatless salads, rice, quinoa, and legume based soups. Plant food is some of the cheapest stuff in the grocery store! Meat, dairy, and processed food will make your bill climb up quickly. If your family is on a budget, like mine, think twice before ascribing to any diet or program that has you eliminating plant food. ❤ .

    Some people thrive on a more carnivore style diet, some thrive when plant based, neither way is right or wrong. That’s why trying new things and paying attention to your body is so valuable! We are all so different, it only makes sense that the foods that make us feel our best would be different too!

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These are excellent budget tips! And it looks so good!


Are you participating in this DB, or are you in maintenance mode?

Brittany W.

01/28/2019 9:14AM in Instant Loss New Year, New You! - via iPhone
  • Congratulations Kris!! You are the winner of our Green Challenge last week!! (I scheduled the announcement for the wrong Saturday, sorry for the delay in announcing!) please send me an email: brittany@instantloss.com with your address and I’ll get you mini waffle maker shipped ASAP! ❤

    We are halfway through our challenge!! Who’s on track to win this thing?

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I’ve got 2.3 pounds to go... little nervous... feel like I’m cutting it close but I can’t stop now! Going to keep meal planning, working out, and drinking my water


I got this nailed!

Brittany W.

01/25/2019 7:20AM in Instant Loss New Year, New You! - via iPhone
  • Breakfast!❤❤❤

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Brittany W.

01/24/2019 5:40AM in Instant Loss New Year, New You! - via iPhone
Winner: Kris
Happy Thursday!! Let’s kick today off with a GREEN challenge!! Today, or tomorrow, if you already began eating, eat something green with every meal! A small side salad, spinach in your smoothie, a side of asparagus or broccolini for dinner! Think green!!!
When you finish report below what your green things were and I’ll select one winner to win a mini waffle maker!!
Winner announced on Saturday 1/26/19

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Sharon S.

Susan R.

I'm confused about how challenges work? Where does she announce the winner? She said Saturday- has she announced yet? If so, where? Please help a newbie. :)

Brittany W.

01/22/2019 8:10AM in Instant Loss New Year, New You! - via iPhone
Breakfast: Instant Loss Green Juice: https://instantloss.com/instant-loss-green-juice/
With 1/2 cup mixed fruit and 2 hard boiled eggs.

I keep two of my meals pretty simple each day and usually only “cook” once. My “cook” meal is either lunch or dinner depending on what we have going on. It’s important to find several easy things you can pull out for a fast breakfast/lunch/dinner at anytime! ❤

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Lyn D

For breakfast I had a grapefruit, apple, carrot, ginger juice and a fried egg. Lunch is leftover chicken enchilada casserole with diced avocado.

Kristine H.

Agreed! I made the pulp pancakes recipe doubled this morning so that can last us through the week. Then I made turkey burgers and lunch was quick and delicious. Leftovers for dinner!

Brittany W.

01/21/2019 6:34AM in Instant Loss New Year, New You! - via iPhone
  • Shannon B. You are the winner of our “like glue” challenge! Please send me an email: brittany@instantloss.com

    Reading all of your comments from this weekend I am SO inspired and impressed!! Y’all totally rocked it, from meal prep, to hitting step goals, and fulfilling the promises you’ve made to yourself during this challenge—there are so many of you who are seeing wonderful success already!! Congratulations, excited to see all your hard work pay off big time!!

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Dahanna W.

I "stuck like glue" to my intermittent fasting ALL WEEKEND!

Patti G.

What is the step goal? Help a newbie out lol

Brittany W.

01/18/2019 6:28AM in Instant Loss New Year, New You! - via iPhone
  • Winner: Shannon B.

    Y’all did an incredible job with our first water challenge!! Congratulations Sue G and Tenniner you are the winners! Please email me the address you’d like your book sent to! Brittany@instantloss.com

    I figured we’d have a second challenge heading into the weekend to help keep you motivated!

    Like Glue:
    This is the “like glue” challenge! Whatever method you’re using, stick to it like glue this weekend. ❤ If you successfully complete this challenge comment below. I will select a winner via random draw on Monday and the winner will recieve an Amazon giftcard! 🙌????

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Jenny D.

I stuck like glue by writing down everything I ate.

Kimberly B.

I stayed away from alcohol all weekend, even with the Patriots playing!
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