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My Weight Loss Program: Instant Loss (JERF)

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Brittany W.

08/17/2019 9:25PM in Instant Loss Commit To Fit
  • Welcome to Instant Loss Commit to Fit! I’m so glad that you decided to join our game this month!
    If this is your first bet with us, I post a weekly challenge with a giveaway! This is the first challenge!
    Whatever program or lifestyle you’re committing to, stick to it. Let’s start the week off strong and let’s end it strong!
    Your favorite junk foods will always be there but this is a four week challenge and you owe it to yourself to complete the work you’ve pledged to do.
    You do have will power. You do have self control. You can conquer this challenge!
    Let’s focus in and commit to stay strong this week! This is the Stay Strong Challenge!!
    For the next seven days keep a food journal. Next Sunday, comment on this post and tell me how you stayed strong, if you fulfilled your commitment to yourself this week (whatever that might be), you will be entered to win a $50 Amazon giftcard! Winner announced Monday, the 26th!
    You know what’s never happened in the history of DietBet? That every single person in a game hits their goal. Let’s be the first community to ever do that! ❤

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Wendy P

My goal today is write down my food, get in my water and stop eating past dinner.

Melissa K.

My goal is also to track everything I eat’ and to get at least 4 workouts in!

Brittany W.

08/16/2019 7:23AM in Instant Loss Commit To Fit
  • Weigh ins begin today! Yours should look something like this! Make sure the weigh-in word is in frame and that your entire body is showing in the full body photo.❤

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I could not upload my photo either, I went on live chat and they said to try it on the computer instead of phone and that worked

Brittany W.

Sorry y’all, it looks like the app is experiencing a little trouble today. But desktop is working just fine. :heart:

Brittany W.

08/13/2019 9:43AM in Instant Loss Commit To Fit
  • Good morning!!! Who is EXCITED?? Our DietBet Instant Loss Commit to Fit challenge starts in just 5 short days and the offical weigh ins start in just 3 days! I am pumped about getting to know more about all of you and your individual journeys throughout the month! Although this is a “challenge” remember that we are just a group of people coming together with the same goal... to lose some weigh so let’s encourage and uplift each other.
    I want to remind you that you do not have to have the $5.00 DietBet membership in order to be entered to win my personally hosted giveaways! If you’d like to be entered to win DietBets prizes then getting the membership is a way to enter and also to have additional monitored weigh ins. Comment below “Hello” and introduce yourself! I’d love to know what you are looking forward to in his DietBet challenge!!! ♥

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Kari W.

Looking forward to loosing some weight! I haven't been successful even though I eat very healthy! Have to do it!!

Judith H.

Hi I'm from NW Ohio. I've been doing diet bets since January 6th 2019 with 71 lbs gone!! Love this place. If I can do it you can to.

Brittany W.

08/04/2019 4:00AM in Instant Loss DietBet
  • YOU. DID. IT!!🎉🎉🎉

    Thank you for participating in this DietBet with us! Today is the first day of weigh-ins! If you haven’t hit your goal yet, it’s okay! You still have tomorrow! 💚

    I hope that this was a positive experience for you and that it added an extra layer of fun to your month! Join us for our next game here, DietBet.com/insta…

    I would love to see your before/afters! Feel free to share them here, on the Instant Loss Community on Facebook, or on Instagram and tag @instantloss! These four weeks flew by! I know they certainly motivated me to incorporate some more vegetables, step up my step game, pay closer attention to my eating habits, and I hope you were motivated to do the same.

    If you were inspired to change even one thing for the betterment of your health, you’ve won. Please don’t beat yourself up if you didn’t hit the exact number. Hitting the number is great BUT creating healthier habits was the ultimate goal!

    Thank you for encouraging others, participating in our games, and trying your best! I think this was our most cheerful bet to date and I know that’s because of y’all!

    I hope to see you in just 12 days when we start Instant Loss Commit to Fit! 🙌???? Lets go! DietBet.com/insta…

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Lenelle O.

The link is not working. When is the next challenge?

Keisha P.

Any news on a different link, since this one doesn’t work.

Brittany W.

08/02/2019 9:04AM in Instant Loss DietBet
  • It’s coming to the end of the challenge! Final weigh-ins are August 4th-5th, PST. You made it! Job well done! I have loved getting a glimpse of your weight loss journey through all of your shared photos and posts in the DietBet app. I know that some days have been challenging for some of you, & other days have been easier. I know that you each have had to work hard and make sacrifices during this four week challenge and I hope that you can stand up on the scale this week and be proud of all that you have accomplished! If the scale does or doesn’t reflect the exact number that you wanted to see...that’s okay! You still made healthy changes! You still moved more, you ate a healthier diet, and increased your water intake! You took simple steps in the right direction to improve your health and become the best YOU and YOU deserve a round of applause! If you 'd like to keep your momentum going on your weight loss journey I would love to invite you to join the next game I am hosting Instant Loss Commit to Fit starting August 18th. DietBet.com/instantloss

    I’d love to see your before and after photos! Share your photos on IG and tag me on @instantloss I’d love to feature you!

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I made it!! I’m so excited! Thanks Brittany!

Alessandra M.

I'm .1 over! I'm still proud! Lost 6lbs in 4 weeks. Right before I am back to work from maternity leave.

Brittany W.

07/31/2019 4:24PM in Instant Loss DietBet
Remember, you have 48 hours to weigh in after the game ends August 3rd! ❤

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Angie W.

Oh no!! I signed up seeing that game ends Aug 3rd so thought that’s when we can begin weighing in! We leave for vacation Saturday afternoon for a week :weary::weary::weary:

Rhonda P.

Done! And Made it! Bring on the next DietBet, this is so helpful!

Brittany W.

07/11/2019 6:39AM in Instant Loss DietBet
  • If you’re on Instagram, use hashtag #instantlossdietbet you can follow the hashtag and interact with others who are in our game!

Rhonda H. , Amanda J. and like this photo.

Brittany W.

about 4 hours ago in Instant Loss Commit To Fit
  • Distractions. We all have them, but we can’t let them rob us of our progress! Remember small FOCUSED steps will be what gets you to your goal! I’m rooting for you! You are just about halfway through the week! 💪

Melissa K. , Lene L. and like this photo.


:muscle: we can do this!!

Samantha J.

about 5 hours ago in Instant Loss Commit To Fit
  • Today’s meals minus dinner :)

Preeti L. , Carmela A. , QueenB , Brittany W. and Melissa K. like this photo.

Brittany W.

Looks great! What type of shredded chicken is that? It looks delicious!


about 5 hours ago in Instant Loss Commit To Fit
Biggest challenge is not getting discouraged after not seeing instant results. I didn’t lose 5lbs after working out and eating right for 2 days straight?? Craziness! 😂 day 3 today at the gym and working on small steps to big goals 💪

Lene L. , Lala C. and like this comment.

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I’m in the same boat. I worked out super hard Monday night and am feeling it today and i was up this morning. My muscles are telling me i should be 5lbs down :joy:

Melissa K.

Haha this is me literally every time I workout!
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