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04/15/2019 11:51PM in FATGIRLFEDUP'S MARCHING INTO YOUR BEST SELF - via android
Any tips for losing .2lbs today folks? I'm just going for an espsom salt bath to try and help

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Jackie H.

I walked 5 km yesterday and went down 0.2 to make my goal.

Shelonda A.

Go to sauna or sit in car with heat on high.

Christine Solstice

04/15/2019 1:20PM in FATGIRLFEDUP'S MARCHING INTO YOUR BEST SELF - via android
  • Well I didn't win @fatgirlfedup 's dietbet weight wise, (i stilled had three lbs to lose), BUT I slayed it inches wise! I went from
    228.4 lbs to 219.6 lbs (-8.8lbs)
    Waist: 50 inches to 44 inches (-6 inch)
    R Arm: 15 1/2 inches to 14 inches (-1.5 inch)
    L Arm: 151/2 inches to 14 inches (-1.5 inch)
    R Leg: 27 inches to 27 inches (-0 inch)
    L Leg 27 1/2 inches to 27 inches (-.5 inches)
    Chest: 47 inches to 46 inches (1 inch)
    Total 8.8 lbs and 10 1/2 inches overall.
    So even though my progress was slow and I messed up sometimes. I still feel very proud with how well I DID do! Instagram: museofthenightjourney

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You did slay it! Wow! AmaIng

noga s.

The difference is definitely showing! Congrats!


I was trying to take a picture of the scale but my phone was wigging out toggling the numbers. It was only picking up 2-3 #’s. Was looking like I weighed 4.8lbs or 24lbs. It was crazy. Finally got my picture after 20 mins. Anyone else have this problem with their phone before?

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Betsy D.

Is it a scale problem or a phone problem? I get my phone (camera, an iPhone 6) all set up to take a photo, slightly enlarged, then set it on the tub while I get on the scale. Then I wait for the scale number to stabilize and take a photo. If I had a scale that didn't "hold" the number, I would take many photos and then see if any showed the number correctly.

Stacy W.

I'm having a similar issue with my new scale that has red numbers. It took several tries to get a useable picture. Love the scale though!

Stacy W.

04/15/2019 7:19AM in FATGIRLFEDUP'S MARCHING INTO YOUR BEST SELF - via android
  • Another diet bet in the books!

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Stacy W.

Thank you ladies!


  • Ugh!!! Down to the wire

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Ashley B.

You got this!!! Drink LOTS of water!


You got this


04/14/2019 11:14AM in FATGIRLFEDUP'S MARCHING INTO YOUR BEST SELF - via android
Ok my friends as I've told you all I downloaded a app called carb master for diabetics. It says I can have 60g a day of carbs. What do I eat all day to stay under 60g. I had a scrambled egg with green bell peppers and onions with 2 slices of toast. 6 oz. Of Pepsi and 2 Tbsps peanutbutter and it says I am over that I have eaten 334g carbs today. I dont know what to do besides do not drink Pepsi. HELP PLEASE

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Alison W.

Is that all the food you had for that many carbs? If you don't want to give up bread find a thin sliced kind. Or only eat one slice.

Theresa O.

A few small tips to help - avoid the sugary sodas, maybe have 1 slice of toast instead of 2 or switch to lite bread, and switch to smuckers natural peanut butter with less added sugar. Also light cheese is carb free - I like Sargento lite string cheese as a snack and a few nuts, walnuts are super healthy. Berries like raspberries and blackberries have the fewest carbs of fruits, strawberries good too and blueberries only slightly more - just don't overdue. Hope this helps a little


04/13/2019 11:04AM in FATGIRLFEDUP'S MARCHING INTO YOUR BEST SELF - via android
  • GIVEAWAY time for a fedup tee of your choice! To enter leave below your favorite weight loss tip by today at 11pm eastern. All winners chosen at the end of our game! Good luck!

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Meal prepping! And water water water - I was surprised by the difference that I saw when I up’ed my water intake!


Definitely start each day with a new commitment and fresh state of mind. It doesnt matter what happened yesterday! You are new today and your commitment can be too!!

Judith K.

04/12/2019 1:29AM in FATGIRLFEDUP'S MARCHING INTO YOUR BEST SELF - via android
Ugh! Last week I was at 99% of my goal (o was at 213.8....this week the scales are all over the place (215.8, 214.6, 216 etc.). I know my waist and bust has come in some more, and I'm sticking to under 1400 kcal, drinking loads of water...am SO frustrated! I had one bad day (Sunday) at my parents, but we're talking one piece of dreaded cheesecake!

I've been sweating it out at my personal trainer (in her converted garage) twice this week. And last week was my period so I should have had a loss afterwards, not a gain!!! We go away tomorrow, and I was going to take my scales with me anyway, but am freaking out that I don't know what's going on, and that I don't know how even the floor will be and how the scales will weigh :-(.

Someone talk some sense into me! (I know I always tell other people, trust the process, count the calories, drink the water), but it's so hard with the deadline looming... AND I'm in another dietbet which is quite a challenging target in two weeks (just the way it worked out with a really positive progress weigh in taken as my initial weight!), and now I'm no where near where I should be to be on target for that :'-(. Help!

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Ronda K.

Progress is progress just keep sticking to what you're doing drink lots of water, watch your sodium intake. You could just be retaining water from your workouts. Are you a little sore? You got this. There's still 4 days.

Dorothy L.

Sounds like you’re doing everything right, just dealing with some normal fluctuations. There is plenty of time before the weigh in deadline and I believe if you keep doing what you’re doing you will win this bet. Maybe leave the scale at home and try not to stress about it, do a fun activity and enjoy yourself.

Kelsey E.

2.3 pounds to lose...I don’t think it’s gonna happen 😩

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Kelsey E.

Can I just say I love this community!! I felt so discouraged and come on here with all your positivity and it makes me feel so good!! I can do this and if not well I still lost weight!! I love “gonna think myself thin”! :joy:


you can do it! Don't doubt yourself!


04/10/2019 11:27PM in FATGIRLFEDUP'S MARCHING INTO YOUR BEST SELF - via android
  • I feel like I've posted way too often this week, but I still have to share this. I found out on Sunday that Quest makes chips and went to my local GNC today to grab some to try. Game. Changer. Seriously, where have these been all my life? I'm not usually a chips person, but have a serious weakness for Lime Tostidos. Add some seven layer dip or guac and you've got the perfect movie night meal. If anyone is looking for a high protein, low carb alternative for chips, give these a try. There are five more flavors waiting in my pantry for me, and even though I was super hesitant to try them, now I can't wait!

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Alison W.

I love the nacho cheese ones. But they are expensive. Only buy as treat. I take them fishing.

Erin B.

I love these!$
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